08 September, 2011

Mini Kleancolor haul :)

This haul post is a little overdue.  These little glittery gems found their way to me a few weeks back but I'm sure it's never too late to share some gorgeous bottle pics.  Behold my first ever Kleancolors:

Left to Right:
Dolly Girl (lilac glitter)
Puppy Love (aqua blue glitter)
Vegas Night (a mix of deep blue and purple glitter!)

I look forward to layering with these!

That's all for tonight.

Vita :)


  1. Those are very pretty, looking forward to swatches :)

  2. @Cincly - I'll get onto it as soon as the sun comes back. We're in for another Arctic weekend. :(

  3. I have yet to own any Kleancolors! These polishes are so gorgeous! I can;t wait to see them swatched!


  4. @Alexisaurus - I can't wait to swatch these polishes myself! A friend chose them for me :)

    @Vintage Makeup - Thank you xoxo


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