07 September, 2011

Love & Beauty: Magenta

Today I've got another US drugstore polish to share with you.

Magenta is a lovely squishy glass-fleck jelly polish from Love & Beauty, a brand I'd never heard of until recently.  Love & Beauty polishes are manufactured in the USA and retail for $2.80USD.  This is an amazing raspberry pink shade, very vibrant and sparkly in the sun.  My one complaint is the tip wear on this polish which showed up on the second day of wear.  You'll see this in my sunlight pic - Waaahh!! - I so wanted to wear this for more than just two days because it was such a pretty colour!

Outdoors shade


Full sun - shame about the tip wear :(

Do any of you have Love & Beauty nail polish in your stash?

That's all for now.

Vita :)


  1. This is a vibrant pink with pretty sparkles! LIKE!

  2. Such pretty sparkles! I hate tipwear, at the moment I'm naked (okay, my nails are naked) because I removed my polish due to tipwear.

  3. this one looks amazing on you, I like the Love & Beauty polishes a lot, good quality for the price :)

  4. Gorgeous shade on you! Reminds me of raspberries :)

  5. @reeree - Oooh! You had me wondering for a split second! *giggles*

    @Polish AMOR - Thanks! I've got another Love & Beauty polish to try out soon :)

    @Vintage Makeup - I agree with you about the colour. It actually reminds me of raspberry popsicles!


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