20 September, 2011

Feeling just peachy...

 ...Or at least my makeup collection has lately as spring takes hold in the southern hemisphere.  This spring I've been heavily favouring peach as an alternative to nude - it must be the beauty bloggers' influence I guess! 

So what peach toned products do I have in my personal stash?

Lip colours

Left to right:
  • Mirenesse 3D Forever Gloss (Hello Kitten) - Cute name!  I got this as a freebie with a weekly magazine.  Bright toned peach creme gloss.  Has a slightly orange scent and taste.  
  • Revlon Creme Gloss (060 Peachy Sheen) - Deeper warm toned peach.  Doesn't look it in the swatch but this gloss is quite thick and heavily pigmented.  Unfortunately this has been discontinued.
  • Avon Glosswear Silky Shine Lipstick (peach silk) - Super shiny, pale "60's mod" peach.  Great understated lip colour to pair with a smoky eye. 
  • L'Oreal Nutrishine (pretty peach) - I love this pink/peach hybrid glossy lipbalm. It's a very feminine semi-sheer tone that gives my lips a pretty boost of colour and shine.
  • Revlon Colorburst Lipstick (075 Peach) - Mid-toned peach lipstick with a very subtle shimmer.  Feels light wearing on my lips.


Left to right:
  • b collection by bloom cheek tint (yarra valley) - This looks almost neon in the swatch but this cream blends beautifully to give me a subtle peachy glow. 
  • BYS powder blusher (coral) - Super soft and richly pigmented.  I only need a little bit of this blush brushed onto my cheeks.

Nail colours
Left to right:
  • Zoya (Lulu) - Milky translucent creme. Soft and subtle - love this one!
  • Revlon (229 Demure) - Pink/peach creme.
  • Essence (What Do U Think?) - Warm orange/peach with a subtle shimmer
  • L'Oreal (Beach Bum) - Shimmery peach - I can see myself wearing this on my toes and strolling along the beach - love this one too!

Has peach crept into your makeup bag this spring?

Until my next post.

Vita :)


  1. I love peachy shades, and I'm so glad it's now springtime and peach is in! I have the BYS blush too, I love it, it's so crazily pigmented for a cheapie.

  2. ooooh love the stash !! i was never into peaches but suddenly i seem to be having a fancy towards them ..love the Loreal Nutrishine pretty peach, BYS coral & Loreal Beach bum ..

  3. These look great.... I specially like the look of the Mirenesse lip gloss and the LOreal pilish..... :)

  4. I have the BYS blush too, loveeee it! Peach has got to be my go to over anything else. Even though I'm not super tanned and am pretty pale I think it works :) xo

  5. I like peachy color but it doesn't suit my skin (at least I think so) but I love pink shades of blush, lipsticks and I also have a big pink nail polish collection

  6. @Makeup and Macaroons - I'm with you. I'm loving lightening up my palette. BYS blushes are a genuine gem for the price :)

    @Saumya - We are of like minds. Your picks are my favourites!

    @Polish AMOR - I think I'm going to wear the L'Oreal polish on my beach vacation which is coming up really soon!

    @Hannah - I've discovered peach and pinky-peach blushes are the best tones for us pale girls.

    @MissDoll - I love pink too. I'll have to do a pink post too I think. :)

  7. I looove peaches and corals, they just go with my skintone much better than pinks. :) I really like the look of the BYS blush and the Mirenesse and Revlon lip colours!

  8. That L'oreal polish is gorgeous - noting it down for later. :)


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