22 September, 2011

REVIEW: Rediscovering The Body Shop

I've always loved going into The Body Shop for my fix of scented body butters, their colourful fruit scented soaps and they've been one of my go-to destinations for gift packs for birthdays and holidays.

I must admit I hadn't been though those green doors for the last few years and it's only recently I've rediscovered them through my obsession with skin whitening products.  I'm on an ongoing mission to minimise my facial pigmentation from too many years of sun exposure and while I've been loving the Shiseido White Lucent range my wallet hasn't been so much of late.  So, when I saw The Body Shop had brought out their own Moisture White range (with a Japanese key ingredient)  at a fraction of the price of my beloved Shiseido I was keen to try it out.  Of course I've bought a few extra things as well along the way...

L - R:  Moisture White range* -
Shiso Whitening Moisture Milk (50ml)
Foaming Facial Wash (150ml)
Shiso Whitening Serum (30ml)
*(Plus a few other random buys!)
I've been using the Moisture White range for over a month now and I'm happy with the overall performance as well as the price.

Price:  Very kind to my wallet these three products total just under $140AUD which is less than the cost of Shiseido's serum alone (around $167AUD). 

Ingredients: The key ingredients are Japanese Shiso, Vitamin C, Liquorice and Aloe Vera.  According to The Body Shop's leaflet Shiso,Vitamin C and the Liquorice herb are effective in reducing melanin activation under the skin and preventing excessive pigmentation and uneven skin tone.  Aloe Vera is included in the formula to moisturise and soothe the skin.

How do these products feel? The facial wash is a light airy foam which becomes a creamy froth when mixed with water and my skin feels clean, not tight when rinsed off. The serum feels a bit sticky in on my skin when I first apply it and it has a slightly unusual 'natural' fragrance (I know - What does that mean?  I had trouble describing the fragrance) but it absorbs quite quickly and the fragrance fades away prior to applying  moisturiser.  The moisturiser itself is milky and light and absorbs very quickly leaving my skin feeling soft without any greasiness or shine.

Do they work?  My pigmentation is definitely no worse than it was.  Without special dermatological testing (and I'm not a dermatologist!) I can't say how much it's reduced my pigmentation.  I can say I've noticed the brown blotch on my forehead I was previously very aware of is now not as obvious so that's a win for me.  This range is moisturising enough for my skin type (normal/sensitive) and doesn't irritate as some whitening products can.

Packaging:  These are all plastic pump packs which deliver the exact amount needed for one application.  No excuse to waste product! I am a bit annoyed with the different sized bottles and I've already managed to finish my first serum in just over a month because of the 30ml total volume.

My random buys -
Vanilla perfume oil (15ml)
Eye colour (40 Baby pink - see swatch below)

Vanilla perfume oil (15ml) - Boo! These old favourites have been discontinued and I'm the last to know!  I bought this as a little something to carry in my purse and to take away with me on vacation.  I love gourmand scents like vanilla so I had to have it before it disappeared forever.

Eye colour (40 Baby Pink) - This is the first Body Shop eyeshadow I've bought in years and I've been loving it lately.  It has an almost creamy texture, has great pigmentation and stays on all day without a primer.  The price is reasonable too at $19.95AUD.  (See my recent EOTD using this soft pink here).

Do you have a favourite product from The Body Shop? 

That's all for now.

Vita :)


  1. I haven't noticed this skincare line before. Hmm... The Body Shop is getting some favourable reviews in that department quite a bit lately!

    Have you tried the LAVANILA perfumes sold at Sephora? My love for vanilla also goes a long way back and the LAVANILA scents are smooth and warm without being cloying.

  2. I'd love to see how that eyeshadow looks as a blush ^___^ it's really pretty.

  3. I am really liking that eyeshadow.

    I love the naturals shower gels and the bath milk from TBS.

  4. @Liz - I love vanilla fragrances. I wish Sephora would open in Australia. There have been some (unconfirmed) rumours lately so I can still hold out some hope!

    @SilhouetteScreams - Great idea. I packed it with my travel essentials. I'll have to try it as a blush/highlight. :)

    @Chloeblue - Thanks.


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