24 July, 2011


Hi everyone

It's been a pretty exciting weekend for me because I've now got just over 100 lovely followers!  I firstly want to say a big...


to all of you and also say that my readers are what makes this blogging caper all worthwhile.  I know it sounds pretty cliched but it's all true.  It's wonderful to think that I can have a conversation and share thoughts with great like-minded people around Australia and across the globe.  My world just got that little bit smaller and I've been loving it.  

I'm now gathering some beauty bits and pieces together for a Thank You giveaway.  Just a little something to give back to you lovelies out there.  I want to run an international giveaway and of course I want to include nail polish, but I've read about other bloggers having issues with polish swaps particularly in and out of the US.  Could you please let me know if this is an issue and if nail polish is a no-no for an international giveaway?

Thanks again

Please do let me know in the comments what you think about my giveaway plans - specifically if it's too risky to send nail polish internationally.

Vita :)  xoxo


  1. Congratulations Vita! I love reading your posts and this proves that i'm definitely not alone! Personally, I wouldn't be sending polish internationally, i'd hate to see you get slapped with a fine :(

  2. CONGRATZ!! ive read a lot of blogs where they are unable to send nail polish overseas, maybe try nail stickers? sally hansen has a new range out :)

  3. Congrats! I saw on another blog somebody said that sending nail polish in the us is a felony because its flammable... I don't know if that's true of not because I don't live there. lol, sort of useless comment!

  4. Congrats! :)

    I won a nail polish from someone in the UK, but I don't know if it's a no-no. Maybe call your local post office, and ask? I wouldn't want you to get in trouble!

  5. Yay for you. That's fantastic

  6. Thanks for the wishes and comments everyone! xoxo

    I'll check with the post office and if in doubt I think nail polish stick-ons will be a good alternative - Thanks Grace for that idea :)


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