28 July, 2011

Nail It: Bionic

Even though I love silver I don't actually have many silver nail polishes.  I don't know, somehow they can all look a bit the same to me and I try to avoid dupes wherever I can. Well, this polish I'm going to share with you is the only silver foil nail polish I own.

Bionic is one of the handful of Sportsgirl's Nail It nail polishes in my stash.  It's a standout silver foil, although my husband was a bit underwhelmed and said, "Boring old silver".  I have to disagree with him because it's a 'look at me' foil and contrasts with my skin.  It was a little brush-strokey but not too bad.   Here 'tis:

Outdoors shade

Full sun

Indoors natural light

I've got to admit I didn't leave this mani alone.  You'll have to read my next post to see what I added :)

Until then -

Vita :)


  1. great silver foil, I want wait to see what you did to it :-P ooohhhh the suspense!!!

  2. Gorgeous! I have a very similar shade by myface cosmetics :)

  3. @Polish AMOR - I won't keep you in suspense much longer :)

    @Vintage Makeup - I've heard of myface cosmetics but don't know much about them. Are they a US brand?

  4. Can't wait to see what you did to it ;)

    It reminds me of Sally Hansen Celeb City, which is a silver polish I own. I posted about it here - http://crouchingasian.blogspot.com/2011/02/happy-birthday-to-me.html

  5. @reeree - I'll check out your post now - Hope you like my new mani combo!


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