01 July, 2011

By request: Bloom eyeshadow & lipgloss swatches

In response to my Bloom cosmetics collection post, lovely Vintage Makeup requested a swatch of Bloom's Platinum eyeshadow. 

Platinum is a very soft silvery grey, great worn as a single colour wash over the eyelids. It has just the right amount of subtle silvery shimmer to create a very wearable day time look.  It's such a cool-toned shade it actually almost looks blue when I wear it:

Swatch shown indoors in artificial light

I've also decided to include swatches of my Bloom lipglosses in this post as these are my personal favourite colour cosmetics in the Bloom range and there's a good variety of colours and different finishes to suit my mood.  The picture gives you a bit of idea how each of the shades are different in their opacity and pigmentation.

Top to bottom:
Sweet Pea (opaque creme),
Honey Bunch (opaque shimmer),
Tint (looks deceptively dark in the tube but you can see it's very sheer!)
Dazzle (semi-sheer sparkle)

Have a great weekend!

Vita :)


  1. those glosses look VERY nice, ive been meaning to try the bloom range, now i know which colours to choose!
    Grace xx

  2. @Grace - I love the divine vanilla scent of these...

  3. Thanks for these! :) The eyeshadow is so gorgeous! & I love the look of the lip gloss in Tint.

  4. @Vintage Makeup - My pleasure! Tint is a fave of mine & this is my second tube xoxo


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