21 June, 2011

By request: My Bloom cosmetics collection

Vintage Makeup requested a post on my Bloom collection so I was happy to dive into my makeup case again... 

I've amassed quite a collection of Bloom products over time because I love the delicious edible scents using natural essential oils, the cute and quirky packaging, the interesting but still quite wearable colours and the high quality of the products at a mid-range price.  Also, the fact that this is a fashionable Australian brand doesn't hurt either!

Nail Polish 
Bloom has some more interesting nail polish colours in the core line and does some great collaborations with local fashion designers releasing limited edition collections to reflect the seasonal shades in fashion.
Lucille - pink glitter (swatched here)
Claudia - hot pink creme
Elise- glass flecked  purple
The Cassette Society I - denim blue creme (swatched here)
Sibella II - metallic khaki

Lip Gloss and Lip colour card
In my opinion the lip glosses are Bloom's star product and I've been buying these for years. They come in a great range of colours in varying opacity, feel moisturising, wear well and have a delicious vanilla and mandarin scent.  The lip colour card is the size of a credit card and lives in my makeup bag for emergencies.

Sweet Pea - opaque dusty pink nude
 Honey Bunch - shimmery brick brown
Tint - sheer berry red (swatched & reviewed here)
Dazzle - sheer sparkly coral
Lip colour card - Colour Chameleon

Lip Tint & Lipliner
I confess I've only just tried the lip tint.  This sheer lip colour/balm with SPF8, contains beeswax, jojoba oil, avocado oil, evening primrose oil, with Vanilla and Mandarin essential oils so it has the same edible scent as the lip gloss.  I love the invisible lip liner as it locks my lipstick in place but doesn't affect the lipstick colour at all.  See link below the picture for the full review. 
Invisible lip liner (see review here )
Lip Tint - Tint (I used this immediately after I took the photo!)

Eye Shadow, Eye Base & Sheer Colour Cream
The eye shadow is soft, well pigmented and resistant to creasing.  For my previous reviews of the eye base see here  and sheer colour cream see here .
Eye shadow - Platinum
Eye Base
Sheer Colour Cream - Tint

It was fun putting this post together as it made me rediscover - and better still use - a few of these items as soon as I'd pulled them out.  It's always worth revisiting your stash because you never know what you might find and fall in love again with!

Leave a comment and let me know if you want to see swatches of any particular item and I'll be happy to do another post or two.



  1. Very nice collection. You definitely picked some of the best items for sure. I LOVE DAzzle. That color is gorgeous


  2. Thanks for doing this post! :) Please swatch the Eye shadow in Platinum & Nail polish in Elise, they both look gorg!

  3. @Christina - Thanks! Dazzle's the newest shade in my collection.

    @Vintage Makeup - No problem! Swatches coming your way soon :)


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