23 June, 2011

NOTD: Witchery - Dusk

My nails have been wearing my new Witchery Dusk polish to work this week.  As Witchery is primarily a fashion and accessories store, their cosmetics are very seasonal and the colours complement their clothing lines - Dusk is no exception.

Dusk is a semi matte lilac-tinged silver.  It's almost a metallic 'neutral' I think and coordinates well with the winter wardrobe of blacks, greys and plums.  The nail polish formula provides great coverage and I could have got away with wearing a single coat of colour although I did apply my usual two. This shade is safe for the office but still a little edgy.

All of these pictures were taken in late afternoon sunlight which warms the tone of the polish:

Until my next post.

Vita :)


  1. Another lovely polish! I'll definitely be checking out the Witchery range next time I visit the store.

  2. @Cincly - They had a khaki creme I had my eye on. I'm trying so hard to not buy any more at the moment :(

  3. Oh such a pretty polish :-) I had no idea they made nail polish! Must google @_@

  4. Love love love this colour!

    I need check Witchery out it seems. Sportsgirl have a few polishes I'd like to try as well!

  5. Oooh so pretty! The shimmer really makes the polish gorgeous :)

  6. @leanne - Whoopsie! I should have included a link!

    @reeree - I like to check out Sportsgirl polishes from time to time too. They've got a wider colour range than Witchery.

    @Vintage Makeup - This polish lasted all week too!


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