15 June, 2011

Accent mani: OPI - Bring on the Bling

Here's another subtly blingy manicure using some glitter polish as an accent on one finger only.

This is OPI's Tickle My Francey topped with Bring on the Bling from last year's Burlesque Collection on my ring finger.. I think it dresses up a safe manicure nicely, and you could probably get away with this combination at the office.

Here's a close up of the multi-coloured glitter.  Cute!

Something to cheer you up on a cold winter's day, don't you think?

That's all for now.

Vita :)


  1. Lovely post Vita!

    Bring on the Bling looks gorgeous on your nails! Seeing that this glitter nail polish is from the Burlesque Collection, I think there's no chance for me purchase this bottle :(

    The close-up of the nail polish looks mesmerising!

  2. That glitter looks very Christmas-ish to me!

  3. @Rose - Welcome to my blog :) You could try and buy this Bring on the Bling from Ebay.

    @Vintage Makeup - True, very festive. I could wear this for our Australian Christmas in July!


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