19 June, 2011

Moody Blues: Blue Plate Special

Here's another old dinosaur nail polish from my stash.  I bought this electric blue metallic polish called Blue Plate Special so I could coordinate my pedicure with the floor-length gown I was wearing to the company's annual ball.  That was way back in early 2000!

Moody Blues was a range of - no kidding! - various shades of blue nail polish.  From fuzzy memory, deep metallic blues and greens were the fashion statement in manicures back then and everyone, including the supermodels were sporting car-coloured nails as the height of chic.  Anyway, somehow this nail polish applied almost as smoothly now as way back when...

Natural light


That's all for now.

Vita :)


  1. wow! you definitely scored with this color.! it grabbed my attention right away.! i love love love love this color! & it looks so great.!

  2. @McDiaz714 - Yeah, I'm glad I kept it. I don't understand people who throw out (and don't give away or even swap) perfectly good bottles of polish!!

  3. I really like this! I agree with McDiaz it's very eye catching!! :)

    I'd love to see more old polishes!!

  4. love this colour. as a teen I wore blue nail polish all the time :)

  5. @Vintage Makeup - I've got a few more old polishes I'd be happy to bring out from retirement for you :)

    @Bini - Yes, I remember those days of blue polish and electric blue eyeliner...

  6. what a nice eye catching blue! likey likey :)

  7. @prettymom - Thanks, I'm glad you like it! :)


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