20 June, 2011

Blog Award: Stylish Blogger


I was nominated for this award a few weeks ago...
Thanks to the lovely Melyssa!

Now I have to share 7 more facts about me and nominate another 7 wonderful bloggers:

1. I'm left-handed - that's why I usually photograph my right hand for swatches :)
2. I've always dreamed of being a writer
3. I like to sing but NEVER in front of anyone else
4. I used to be a tomboy when I was a child - making up for it now!
5. I prefer the beach to the mountains
6. I hate wearing yellow because it clashes with my pale skin
7. I used to be painfully shy when I was in school

The 7 blogs I nominate are (in no particular order but just because I genuinely love and appreciate them):

 Until my next post

Vita :)

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