03 June, 2011

An old NOTD

I've been away on a business trip for a few days and I'm super tired so this'll be a quickie.

Here's a manicure from a really old bottle of polish, and an obscure brand called Choix de Femme.  I got this on my honeymoon holiday in Singapore 13 years ago!  Funny how everything old is new again, particularly when it comes to pastel blue polish.  This was a bit thick and streaky but it still looks cute.  It reminds me of OPI's What's With The Cattitude.

These pics were all taken under lamplight:

 This colour is very imaginatively called Lt. Blue.

That's all for now.

Vita :)


  1. This looks very pretty with your skintone Vita!

  2. Great color! Isn't it nice to know that even back then you already had great taste in nail polish?

  3. @Vintage Makeup - Thanks :)

    @ABOP - Thanks to you too! *blushes*


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