07 June, 2011

By request: China Glaze - Ingrid

This post was requested by the lovely Vintage Makeup.

Ingrid was one of the colours from my recent China Glaze haul.  I've seen this shade on many blogs and it was a serious lemming for me.  Ingrid is from the Vintage Vixen collection released in 2010 and is the perfect wintery taupe with a subtle twist.  In the right lighting this colour lifts from a flat taupe creme to reveal a soft golden glow.

These pictures highlight the gold shimmer.


Until my next post.

Vita :)


  1. Oooh I had no idea it had gold shimmer! I love it :) Thanks for the fab swatch

  2. Oooh the shimmer is lovely. Perfect winter shade!

  3. @Vintage Makeup - My pleasure :)

    @Leanne - It is perfect isn't it? I'm wearing it to work this week :) BTW saw you got And This Little Piggy...gorgeous!


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