16 June, 2011

Haul post: Just a few more bottles of polish...

I bought these polishes while I was away on my interstate business trip a few weeks ago.

I've never heard of the brand Nabi before.  Funnily enough the blurb on the front of the bottle says, "The best nail polish I've ever used". These are manufactured in China and distributed by Nabi Cosmetics, USA.  I found these at a discount cosmetics store called House of Cosmetics and was attracted by the pretty colours and the cheap price (less than $4AUD each).

The chic silver-lidded bottle on the right is from Witchery and I bought it at the airport for around three times the price.

L - R:
Nabi:  Blue Away, Velvet, Lavender
Witchery:  Dusk

Here are some quick tape swatches in sunlight:
I'm already wondering if two of the three Nabi polishes were a waste of money because of their watery formula.  The only swatch that looks promising is Lavender.  The other issue was the positively toxic smell on application - strong and unpleasant.  By comparison the Witchery dusk swatch applied like a dream so I look forward to wearing it.

Have any of you heard of or used Nabi nail polish before?   

Until my next post.

Vita :)


  1. Oh we have a store like that here too, I think of similar if not same name. They sell OPI for $12ish but I have always looked at the OPI bottles suspiciously to see if they are fake :-P That witchery polish looks lovely though, I look forward to the NOTD :-)

  2. i use to own about 4 bottles of Nabi. i HATED them. like you said they were watery & smelly. i bought them for 1 dollar. so ehh not a big loss. but i havent seen them since then i just assumed they discontinued it.

    that Witchery bottle looks so fancy.! i like it.!

  3. Lavender looks lovely! I've never tried these. :)

  4. @Leanne - Guess where I was - Tuggeranong Hyperdome, Canberra!! I saw those OPI's too and they're 100% fake. The slight difference in the bottle shape gave it away.

    @McDiaz714 - Hmmm, so it's not just me.

    @Vintage Makeup - Lavender's probably the only Nabi polish I'm game enough to try!

  5. I've heard of Nabi, but only recently. I picked them up three of the glitters. I have swatched a couple so far, and I agree - they are eyewateringly fumey. I wouldn't recommend them overly - I'm not sad I have them, but they aren't worth rushing out to find.
    Fake OPI are flooding the market, aren't they!? I've seen a fair few salons using them which is disappointing.

  6. @Lucy - That's really disappointing to hear about the fake OPI's - particularly if salons are using them?? I was very nearly fooled by them too until I took a closer look at the bottles.


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