19 March, 2011

REVIEW: Bloom's Beauty Bag - Part 1

Happy Saturday to you!

I've had the chance to road test three of the goodies in my Bloom gift bag so here's a rundown starting with the nail polish, lip fix and eye base:

First up, the nail polish shade, Lucille - I've found this one to be ridiculously pretty!  It's a watermelon pink base, loaded with fine silver glitter.  The application was a dream.  Whilst I applied two coats, one coat was almost sufficient to achieve full coverage.  Because of the fne glitter this does not have as rough a texture as some glitter polishes and looks quite smooth with only one layer of top coat.  Technically it may be a bit 'young' for me but I'm in love, love, love with it!!



Gorgeous in the sunlight!

Lip Fix
Let me start by saying that yes, I am a lipliner person.  Over the years I've converted from matching my lipliner to my lipstick shade, to now using nude lipliner to match the natural colour of my lips.  And now here I am trying invisible lipliner!  I tried this over a few days and found that it works just as well as my usual lipliner in preventing bleeding lipstick and also, being invisible it allows the lipstick's hue to stay true on my lips.  I suppose the concern would be for those used to 'colouring within the lines' as there is no visible line to colour within!  Also, it might not suit those with an uneven or not well defined natural lip line.  As for me, yes I would look at buying this product again.  I also like the twist up packaging, so there's no need for a sharpener.

Eye Fix

Confession - I've never used an eye base or primer before!  Today is the first time I've tried one so obviously I won't be able to give you a comparison with another product.  According to the packaging this product is meant to provide, "an even base to the eyelid to ensure the perfect eye shadow application and improved staying power of eye-shadow colour."

I did a quick comparison on the back of my hand first up to test the difference and as you can see there's a marked difference in the depth of eyeshadow coverage when applied over the eye base on the left swatch compared to that on the right:

I'm wearing the eye base now and after several hours there has been absolutely no creasing or fading of my eyeshadow so it seems to work, but is this the best product on the market?  I don't know.  I'll  have to continue using this and see how it stands up in warmer weather and when I exercise at the gym!  Then I'll be open to suggestions from you as to what other products like this would be worth trying.

Hope you found this review useful.

Until next time.

Vita :)


  1. great purchases!
    and the lipliner is interesting! ive never heard of something like that before


  2. The eye base seems nice, I always like to try different ones! :)

  3. Thanks! I'm using both of these products again today :)

  4. I've wanted to try those "invisible" lip liners for a while but I haven't yet - this one looks good :)

  5. To Pop! Makeup: This lipliner's great and definitely worth trying. I've been using it all week!


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