31 March, 2011

My mini obsession: OPI minis!

Here's a little stash post for you!

Over the years I've bought (and been gifted with) a few of those cute OPI mini collections.  I think they're a great idea because it's a bit of a 'try before you buy' a full size bottle.  Turns out I've got nine of those minis.  It doesn't sound like a huge number, especially to a nail polish lover/addict but they still look impressive when they're all put together. 

It's a bit like being in a candy store :)

These little cuties are...
Tiny Treats
L - R:
A-Rose at Dawn...Broke by Noon
Pompeii Purple
(Not in picture - Cajun Shrimp)

Take "Note" of My Toes
L - R:
Purple with a Purpose
Alter Ego
That's Berry Daring

Boomerang Babies - Australia Collection
L - R:
Suzi Loves Sydney
Didgeridoo Your Nails?
Don't Melbourne the Toast

Irre-Swiss-Ables - Swiss Collection
L - R:
Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous
Yodel Me on My Cell
Color So Hot it Berns

Bright Pair
L - R:
A Grape Fit
Shorts Story
On the Same Paige

Mini Merries
L - R:
Comet Loves Cupid
All A-bordeaux the Sled!
Holiday Glow
Shim-mery Chic

Mini Melodies
L - R:
Symphony in Gold
Opus in Amber
Sonata in Bronze
Glitter Bit of Music - Top coat

Little Teasers - Burlesque Collection
L - R:
Rising Star
Take the Stage
The Show Must Go On!
Ali's Big Break

Tiny Takeouts - Hong Kong Collection
L - R:
Suzi Says Feng Shui
Red My Fortune Cookie
Dim Sum Plum

That adds up to 29 mini bottles of polish!

Until my next post.

Vita :)


  1. I love minis too, I have some from Essie. :)

  2. I might check out some Essies next time I'm looking to add to my collection!

  3. Cool post, I only started collecting recently so some of these collections are new to me!

  4. Some of these collections are a few years old :)

  5. They are so cute! How big are they compared to full sized bottles?

  6. Hi Ebz! These little bottles are 3.75ml/1/8oz. The regular bottles are 15ml/0.5oz.

  7. I started buying minis too cause I never use them up anyway. Transdesign.com is great for that

  8. Thanks Bini, I'll have to check it out :) There are a few mini collections I'd like to add to my stash.

  9. I LOVE your post!! Mimis are great!

  10. I adore minis! I have 6 minis (a duo from Mark and the OPI Spiderman 4-pack) and like how they give me a good selection of colour while keeping my stash compact. I didn't set out to do this deliberately, but I've unofficially limited my nail polish collection to whatever can fit in a specific travel toiletries bag. I have enough room for one more set of minis so I have to make it count. Since this post, have you come across another set of minis you could recommend?

    1. Perhaps I'll give you few options only because I'm not sure what your individual tastes are? Okay, cos your heading towards the cooler season I'd probably recommend OPI's Ger-minis collection first as it has two creme shades (a beige nude, and a dark charcoal) and two metallics (deep teal tinged blue and a warm red toned purple) so you can go pretty OR practical! Alternatively, if you want to get into the festive season and go a bit more blingy then check out the new Skyfall minis (I can't wait to try the blingy gold GoldenEye myself from that set). Finally, if you want something more bright and pretty to add to your collection the OPI Holland Dutch Treats minis are great as you have two pinks (one bright creme and a softer glass fleck shimmery pink), a red creme and a glass fleck grey/blue. I have no idea why I haven't swatched them because that collection is very pretty for spring! Hope this helps you instead of confusing you :))

    2. Thank you, Vita. This is very helpful. I'm at the beauty supply store right now and I have the last box of Ger-Minis in my hand I don't think $8.50 Canberra beat! I'm a little nervous about the nude. It'd be my first nude and I'm worried I'll get corpse hands. Eeeeeee


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