13 March, 2011

Roughly Ruffian mani

It's been raining this afternoon so I've been playing around with my manicure. 

I had an idea for a modified ruffian mani, using Ice Tease, an old white pearl shade from MAC as the base with Revlon's black creme polish Black Lingerie over the top.  This was then dressed up with two diamantes on each nail.  Now the theory was good but I'm afraid the execution was a little more ordinary.  A nail artist I'm not :(

Oh well, I might as well show you the result anyway.  I'm sure it would look great with a bit more care and a steady hand:

Until next time.

Vita :)


  1. Those are so unique, I love it! :)

    Where did you get the rhinestones?

  2. I got the rhinestones from our drugstore beauty chain Priceline. They only cost a few dollars :)


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