02 March, 2011

Fairy Fingers: T.B.N Glitter

I had a really challenging day at work today and I was in a gloomy mood so I decided to play with some glitter :)

I layered two coats of T.B.N Glitter (imaginative title huh?) over Mecca Cosmetica's Diana.  This is a cheap and cheerful pick me up at $2.50 a bottle, but OMG this had a really powerfully strong smell while I was waiting for it to dry.  Glitter is a mix of silver and rainbow pastel coloured glitter in a transparent milky base.  It was a little difficult to get an even coverage and, again, I think three coats would have a better result than the two I applied.

I don't absolutely love this but it still looks kind of cute:


Full sun

 What do you think?

Vita :)


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