24 March, 2011

Something borrowed: OPI Black Shatter

I know I'm  behind everyone else on this bandwagon but I was finally lucky enough to try one of the new crackle top coats today.  OPI Black Shatter is courtesy of one of the kind girls in my office who bought this a little while ago.

I couldn't help myself and I tried it immediately over my current Essence mani (Walk of Fame).  I think this combination works - it looks kind of reptilian to me.  For the few who haven't tried a crackle polish it shrinks back as it dries to reveal cracks where the base colour can peep through.  This dried very quickly and I chose to leave it without any additional top coat as I liked the textured finish:

My 'personal stylist' aka my 9 year old son suggested Black Shatter would look effective over a deep purple base.

Do you have any favourite crackle combinations?  Should I take the plunge and buy a bottle?

Until next time.

Vita :)


  1. I think it would look color over a light pink, or what about black on top of black? I wonder if it would show up! It's up to you if you want to buy it or not, but I know a lot of other brands are carrying them now too! :)

  2. It would be great if one of the less expensive brands carry it - OPI retails at $19.95AUD per bottle!!

    I've seen black on black. It looks just like cracked black leather :)


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