05 March, 2011

Vintage Urban Decay: Graffiti

Urban Decay's Graffiti really is a fossil in my nail polish collection.  Firstly, I bought this polish in New York wayyyy back in 1996.  Secondly - I kid you not - it took about FIFTY drops of nail lacquer thinner to bring this dinosaur back to life!!

So, back in 1996 I bought three bottles of Urban Decay:  a yellow-green shimmer called Acid Rain, a gunmetal metallic which I can't remember the name of (Toxic??) and Graffiti.  I actually used Acid Rain up in its entirety years ago and for some unknown reason, I didn't touch the other two and boxed them away for safe-keeping.  Not a good move - the gunmetal polish dried out and deteriorated so severely I threw it away without even wearing it!  Graffiti held up a little better but needed resuscitating.  Okay, enough of my personal historical rambling...

Graffiti looks like shimmery sky blue satin, with a slight pink duochrome (which just didn't want to show itself in the pictures - I think you can just see it in the bottle in the lamplight picture).  Somehow an edgy name like 'Graffiti' just doesn't do justice to this colour as it's quite a feminine hue. 

I think this colour was worth saving, and I'm really enjoying wearing it.

That's all  for now.

Vita :)


  1. What a unique color, I love pastels! :)

  2. Yes, I don't have anything else quite like it!


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