11 March, 2011

Project 10 Pan complete!

It's taken me two months and I've finally completed my Project 10 Pan challenge.  These are the last two products making up the list:

9) Loreal Made For Me Naturals Lipstick
Blondes (Taffeta)
As I've mentioned in an earlier post this lipstick shade was one of my summer essentials for the office.  It's a soft shimmery nude that goes with most outfits.  For a colour swatch click the link here.  

-Great neutral colour suitable for my fair complexion & hair
-Formula has good depth of pigment with only a subtle shimmer
-Lasts well and does not bleed (very important at my age)
-Creamy texture does not dry the lips
-Mid range price (around $26AUD)

-Limited shades available in Australia

Would I buy this again?
Yes - I actually have a back up because of the neutral colour and because I don't need to constantly reapply.

10) Shiseido White Lucent
 Brightening Protective Emulsion
SPF 15
I started using Shiseido's White Lucent range last year because I have some pigmentation on my cheeks, probably due to a combination of earlier sun exposure and my age.  According to Shiseido this range utilizes "groundbreaking technology" to prevent pigmentation spots and keep them from spreading, thus promoting a radiant even complexion.

-Light texture, absorbs easily into skin
-Does not irritate my sensitive skin
-Combination of moisturiser, anti-pigmentation product and moderate level (SPF 15) sunscreen
-Pleasant light scent
-Seems to prevent existing pigmentation from worsening (my opinion only)

-Does not seem to fade my existing pigmentation, although does make my skin seem more radiant
-I need to wear extra SPF30 moisturiser over this for more serious sun protection
-Price - runs into the hundreds of dollars for the full skin care routine (cleanser, softener, serum, moisturiser)

Would I buy this again?
Yes - unless there are other suggestions out there.  Perhaps a more budget-friendly product?

Now it's time to go shopping!!

Until next time.

Vita :)


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