10 March, 2011

Revlon: Make Mine Mauve


I've just come back from an interstate office visit and I'm sooo tired.  I'm very grateful to be back home with my family and in my own bed tonight :)

Here's another dinosaur nail polish I've got for you - Revlon's Make Mine Mauve.  It's so old I can't remember when or where I bought it.  It must be at least 15 years old!  I completely forgot about this polish and found it a while ago in a box of random memorabilia.  You just never know where you'll stumble across nail polish when you don't have a helmer...

Make Mine Mauve is a creme mauve polish.  It's a safe, conservative, perhaps dated(?) mauve shade but I still think it's worthy.  Here are my pics with a special little bonus appearance from one of my furry babies:

Here's my old girl Squeaky basking in the sun.  I think she's still cute for an older kitty:


Until my next post.

Vita :)


  1. Squeaky is so cute, and I love the polish!

  2. We have another kitty, a young male called Shadow. He's almost twice the size of Squeaky!


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