20 March, 2011

REVIEW: Bloom's Beauty Bag - Part 2

Hello again :)

Here are the last two products in the Beauty Bag for review:  Sheer Colour Cream (Tint) and Lip Gloss (also in Tint)

Sheer Colour Cream (Tint)

This product is a multi-purpose make-up item that can be used on lips, cheeks and eyes.  Whilst it looks rather dark in the pan it's actually quite a sheer colour when swatched on the skin:

The first thing that struck me when I opened this was the essential oil scent which I quite like.  Looking at the packaging this product contains a number of natural oils including Jojoba seed oil, Calendula flower oil, and Evening Primrose oil.

I tried this on my lips and my cheeks and the colour is a very natural healthy flush (I didn't try it on my eyes because I didn't think red on my eyelids would be flattering with my natural colouring).  The other thing I like about this is the packaging.  I find it is easier to get the right (tiny) amount running your fingertip across this cream pan rather than potentially squeezing too much product from a tube.  I think this would be a great product to have in your collection particularly if you're travelling and don't want to weigh down the make-up bag!

Lip Gloss (Tint)

Again, this lip gloss looks deceptively dark in the tube but is actually a very sheer berry red when applied to the skin:

I'm already a fan of Tint lip gloss as I've bought this shade in the past.  I also own a few other lip gloss shades in the Bloom range.  This gloss is flavoured with mandarin and vanilla oils so it smells and tastes divinely yummy on the lips.  It has a light texture, is not tacky on the lips and it lasts reasonably well.  Tint has a particularly sheer, glassy texture and there are other creamier, more pigmented colours in the range for those who prefer a more opaque gloss.

Overall, in my opinion I don't think there is a weak link in any of the products so it seems to me Bloom have made a clever selection of product highlights in their beauty bag.  If anything lets this down, it's the make-up bag itself.  It's a sheer black mesh purse held closed by a single snap fastener.  I'd be a bit concerned about things falling out of it as it's not as secure as a zipper.  Oh well, maybe I'm just being picky.

The Bloom Beauty Bag is available as a gift with purchase to David Jones Australia customers who spend $38 on any Bloom products for a limited time only. 

Until next time.

Vita :)


  1. I like the lip gloss shade! I've been wanting to try the Bloom Illuminiser. :)

  2. i'll have to keep my eye out for that. I haven't been disappointed by Bloom's products so far :)


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