02 February, 2011

REVIEW - Products farewelled in January


I'm thinking of making myself publicly accountable by declaring right here, right now that I will use up a reasonable number of products before I buy any more.  That'll give me a chance to make a dent in my beauty stash and stop the guilt that comes after the high of a new purchase.  After all, if I'm using more than I'm buying that's got to be a good thing.  Better than going on a total no-buy and it'll prompt me to go "shopping" in my own stash first!

For those in the know, it's not an original idea but it is a good one.  It's called Project 10 pan.  According to Yahoo! Answers:  "Using up 10 things of what you already have before you buy anything else. For all beauty products."  Okay, so I need to produce 10 empties!

Being newly accountable I present you with the first empties accumulated last month, and a review of each product - Would I buy these products again?

1) YSL Touche Eclat
I'm a bit biased about this product, cos I've been using it for years (even when it cost $78AUD!! Now it's down to $55AUD).  It's one of my desert island products.  This little brush makes me look rested as it provides great coverage for my undereye circles.

-Easy to use
-Blends well & gives effective coverage for shadows
-Works well as a lipstick primer
-Gorgeous packaging

-Can use this product up quite quickly
-Limited shades

Would I buy this again?
Yes - I have a spare at the ready as I can not be caught without this.

2) Natio Wellness Hand Cream
This is the third tube I've used of this hand cream.  I received the first tube as a gift and I liked it enough to buy some more.  Natio is an Australian brand, manufactured in Melbourne.

-SPF 15 which is a good idea for over 40yr old hands as it helps to prevent age spots
-light texture, easily absorbed
-yummy pomegranate scent
-reasonable price at under $10AUD
-packaging makes it easy to get every last dob of cream

-Can use this product up quite quickly
-Sometimes it's not quite rich enough for me as I have very dry skin (probably why I used it up so quickly)

Would I buy this again?
Quite likely as I'm sold on the SPF, although I'm a bit of a hand cream whore and I'm always looking for the newest and best hand cream.

3) OPI Avoplex Cuticle Oil To Go
Yes, I've used Avoplex cuticle oil before, both in tube and in bottle form.  I personally prefer the tube as it's less fiddly and more portable.

-tube packaging makes it more portable, no risk of breakages
-gel formula means no spills
-easy to use
-product absorbs well

-found I needed to use this more frequently than the recommended once per day (I have very dry, middle-aged cuticles!)

Would I buy this again?
Probably, as it's handy to keep in my make-up bag, although at the moment I think I'd like to try something new to keep on my bedside table.

4) MAC eyeshadow - Patina
Now doesn't that look like a crummy old eyeshadow pan?  Well used, yes.  There were a few dregs left in the pan when I photographed it but they have now been used up.  I won't talk about the colour too much as I can't produce a swatch from an empty pan!  (FYI, Patina was a soft brown with a gold shimmer through it.)  This review applies to MAC eyeshadow generally.

-great texture, glides on
-blends well
-versatile colour - can be used as an accent in the eye socket or all over lid
-well pigmented
-wears extremely well - does not fade
-does not crease


Would I buy this again?
Definitely. I have a good collection of MAC eyeshadows as I love the colours and the way they wear all day without fading or creasing.

Well I think I've said enough in this post.  So...Until next time...

Vita :)

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