22 February, 2011

The oldest OPI in my collection: Kalahari Khaki

This post is literally so last century!

I bought my first bottle of OPI way back in 1999!!  Why do I remember this?  Don't you always remember your first time?? ;)

Actually the reason I remember is because it was during my first wedding anniversary vacation in New Zealand which was pretty spectacular.  And I still have the bottle:

You can see I paid the princely sum of $17.95NZD:

Yes, the bottle looks pretty well used up and the polish appears somewhat separated.  However, give her a good shake and roll and the contents are still quite okay.  I haven't had to resort to adding lacquer thinning drops yet. 

Here are some pics I took indoors with the flash last winter when I was toying with starting my own blog:

Kalahari Khaki was released in the Painted Desert Summer 1998 collection and has since been discontinued.
I still think this colour looks beautiful with its bronze/taupe shimmer so I intend on using it to the last drop. 

Until next time.

Vita :)

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