19 February, 2011

NOTD: Revlon Color Illusion Crimson Sparkle

Here's the third and last of my Revlon Color Illusions I have to show you. I picked this up at a Revlon sale in a department store a few years ago and I hadn't tried it until today!

Truthfully that's the story with most of my polishes.  I used to think it was sensible not to open all of the bottles and rotate through a reasonable number at a time.  The rationale behind this was:

 a) to prevent polish from thickening and drying out once it had been opened;
 b) to use some colors up in their entirety (I've actually succeeded sometimes); and
 c) to prevent me from buying more - you know, don't buy until you've finished something....but all those new colours are so pretty...

Yeah, well reason c) was a great big FAIL!!

So, back to my NOTD.  Crimson Sparkle was a bit of a challenge to apply and I had to be careful to avoid obvious streaks.  However, once successfully on the nail this colour revealed its full beauty. It's a warm burgundy red shimmer and has the richness and depth of colour which reminds me of velvet.  It's pretty darn gorgeous, and it's just something else when it's seen in direct sunlight and you can see the full shimmery effect!

Onto the pics:

That's all for now.

Vita :)

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