05 September, 2012

Natio outlet haul & some swatches

This post is a few weeks overdue - even though I've been posting every day lately I still have quite a backlog.  These purchases were made a few weekends ago at the Natio outlet in Melbourne.   Now, I've had a longstanding love of this local brand because the range is plant-based, the products are consistently good quality and they're reasonably priced even at full retail.  Of course if the opportunity beckons for me to buy Natio at a reduced price then I'm there baby, yeah!  I was on a shopping tour and the Natio outlet was on the itinerary.  I knew I wasn't coming away from there empty handed.  So without further ado these are my picks...

Skin and hand care

Natio Wellness Hand Wash (240ml/8.1f.oz)
One of these bottles popped up in last month's empties and I knew I'd repurchase.  Just a quick recap of what I said:   This gentle, non-drying hand wash contains chamomile, pomegranate, and wheatgerm...It's not too thick or sudsy so it doesn't need a lot of rinsing and it leaves my hands feeling soft and smelling rather like baby shampoo(!).  It normally retails at a perfectly affordable $8.95AUD and I picked this up at $5AUD.  I'm already wishing I'd bought two bottles...

Natio Facial Cleansing Gel (100g/3.53oz)
I can't remember exactly what I paid for this - possibly $6? Anyway it was cheap enough for me to buy a tube to try and I thought a cleansing gel would be a good option for the warmer months.  This fragrance free gel contains Green Tea and cooling Cucumber and promises to "...leave skin pure, calm and softly moist" and is suitable for all skin types.  Normal retail price is $16.95AUD

Natio Lift Skin Firming Serum (50ml/ 1.6fl.oz)
I love a good serum and haven't pampered myself with one in months!  This is another tryout purchase as I've not tried Natio's serums before.  It contains Rose, Geranium and Lavender and is meant to soften fine lines by hastening cell renewal and firm and lift the skin.  We shall see...  Normal retail is $17.95 and I can't remember what I paid! Sorry!  Damn me for not keeping the sales receipts!

Natio Ageless Firming Night Cream (45g/1.5oz)
I remember this cost $10AUD because I was marvelling how it was one-third of the price of my regular Olay night cream.  I'm nearly done with the Olay so I'm ready to give something new a try.  This cream contains Vitamin C, Organic Rosehip and Evening Primrose as its magic ingredients.  Normal retail is $19.95.

Nail colours
Left to Right & swatched in the same order:
Dazzling Lilac, Rosy Glow, Beaming Violet

These cute 9ml bottles were selling at $3AUD each and were irresistible picks for Spring!  I've used Natio nail polish before and I find they wear really well and occasionally (well, once in a blue moon) they'll come out with some interesting colours.  But, seriously, aren't these colours pretty?  Unfortunately I think these were LE so may be hard to find in stores, and are no longer available online.

Colourful Smokey Eyes Palette 
(Midnight Sky)

This palette was another discontinued seasonal release from last Spring.  I remember wanting it at the time but now I'm glad I held out as I got it for $10AUD.  The shades are worn together to create a soft spring smokey eye as outlined by the instructions on the base of the palette.  The palette includes a skin toned base shade, soft lilac lid shade, and plum and charcoal liner shades, with the charcoal added as a fine line over the blended plum.

Shades Left to Right & swatched in same order:
Light, Lilac, Plum, Charcoal

The Natio outlet is located in the inner Melbourne suburb of Abbotsford and while it is not open directly to the public, interested Melbourne customers can sign up with Closed Door Sales who schedule sale times with Natio and other Victorian warehouses throughout the year.

Are you a Natio fan?

Until next time.

Vita :)


  1. the little polishes are adorable!

    1. So cute, I agree! They're the perfect pastels :) xo

  2. I love the nail polishes, especially Lilac and Violet...

    1. Thanks Maria, I think they'd make a lovely tone-on-tone French mani combo! xo

  3. I really like how the nail polishes look like! The colours are very nice as well, especially the lilac // ~ Claire ~

  4. Never heard of them before :) The eyeshadows look amazing <3

    1. Thanks Ina! Natio are a local Melbourne based skincare and makeup brand and I've loved their skincare for years :) I'll have to check out if they ship internationally.

  5. Gorgeous palette.. looks like a good dupe for the Naked palettes! ..and what a great bargain!



  6. Despite lingering over their counters many times, I've actually never bought anything from Natio, which is terrible considering it's a local Aussie brand! I'm probably going to start with that hand wash (I love the smell of baby shampoo LOL).

    1. Give them a try Stacey! I've been using Natio products for years and I'm very much a fan of their Wellness range - particularly the hand cream and hand wash :)

  7. Never heard of this brand but they look/sound great! Love the look of the shadow set and hand soap especially. :)

    1. Yeah, Natio's my favourite homegrown brand! The hand soap's really gentle and I'm going to try out the palette this weekend :)


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