02 September, 2012

REVIEW: August's farewelled products

There were too many large emptied containers to arrange prettily on the windowsill for photos like I did last month so I've strewn them 'artfully' on the bench!  I've been charging through loads of hand and body products and I've noticed quite a few of the usual suspects in this lot...

Skin care

77) Nivea Creme (75ml)
This tin gave me a sense of nostalgia as soon as I opened it and inhaled the familiar scent.  Nivea's famous fragrance is something you never forget so this took me back to my childhood, and those lazy summer days before we all became 'sunsmart' when my Mum used to slather me with this uber thick cream.  I just loooove the scent, but the thick formula was a bit of an issue.  Over winter I used this to moisturise my dry limbs and I found it took time and patience to rub in and was impossible to use over damp skin - it just slid right off!  I probably used it for the wrong purpose and I'd recommend it for problem spots like knees and elbows rather than all over the body.   It DID do a pretty good job of providing deep moisture and it acted like a barrier cream! I'd repurchase as a specific treatment for extra dry areas.

78) Nivea Visage Daily Essentials Gentle Face Cleansing Wipes - Dry & Sensitive Skin (25 wipes)
These wipes also have that famous Nivea scent which you'll either love (like me) or hate if you dislike fragranced products.   While I like the fragrance the wipes were a bit average for me.  More often I found I need more than one wipe to get all makeup residue off my face and my skin did feel a little tight afterwards - surprising because these wipes are meant for dry skin and and are "...enriched with natural Almond Oil & Calendula Extract."  I won't be repurchasing.

79) Maybelline Express Care Eye & Lip Makeup Remover (90ml)
My HG remover because it's effective and inexpensive. Of course I'm onto my next bottle.  See my original review here.

Hand and body care

80) Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser (500ml)
Yep, my third 500ml bottle done for the year - and now that Hubs has discovered it in the shower I've already almost emptied my fourth.  Solution?  I've bought a 1 litre bottle!  I can't rave enough about this as an extremely gentle, moisturising body (and face) cleanser.  It comes in all sizes from mini travel sized bottles upwards so I'm covered for all situations.  I'll repurchase again, and again, and again...

81) RPR Hold Me Gently hair mist (300ml/10.56fl.oz)
This gave my fine, flat hair a bit of soft oomph without any of the crunch.  I bought a travel sized bottle last year and liked it enough to buy the full sized bottle.  I only need 3 to 4 sprays of product on my hair before blow drying so it lasted me quite a few months, however I did notice I would have drier, flyaway ends.   I've since discovered L'Oreal's Volume Expand mist which leaves my hair looking less flyaway and shinier so I won't be repurchasing RPR.

82) OPI Original Polish Remover (120ml/4 fl.oz)
My seventh bottle this year.  That is all.

83)  Palmer's Skin Smoothing Lotion with Alpha/Beta Hydroxy & Shea butter (250ml - 8.5fl. oz)
My third bottle this year and not surprising at all.  This partnered with the Cetaphil has brought my ugly keratosis completely under control.  My upper arms have never been smoother!  Repurchase, repurchase, repurchase!

84) Aveeno Intense Relief Hand Cream (100g) 
I turn to this in winter to relieve my dry, eczema wracked hands.  It's reliable, no-nonsense stuff, not sexy but effective and soothing.  Another one of my repeat purchases.  Click here for my original review.

85) Sally Hansen Massaging Cuticle Treatment (2.6ml/0.09fl.oz)
Not a bad little product for moisturising my cuticles but the packaging annoyed me because I couldn't see how much product I had left!  In any case I prefer Burt's Bees cuticle cream for softening my cuticles because it's a balm rather than an oil so I probably won't repurchase.

86)  L'Occitane LE Cocoa Flower Hand Cream (30ml/1.oz travel size)
Mmmm...the soft cocoa scent was amazing and the buttery texture of the L'Occitane Shea Butter hand creams is second to none.   The 20% Shea Butter content makes this cream rich and buttery smooth to apply and my dry hands would soak it in and say "Aaah".  Such a shame this was limited edition - I'd definitely buy more of it because it's so addictive and luxe.

87) Natio Wellness Hand Wash (240ml/8.1f.oz)
This gentle, non-drying hand wash contains chamomile, pomegranate, and wheatgerm.  I love just about all of the Natio products I've tried and this is no exception.  It's not too thick or sudsy so it doesn't need a lot of rinsing and it leaves my hands feeling soft and smelling rather like baby shampoo(!).  I've already repurchased from the Natio outlet just last week.


EDIT:  This is for you Liz - observe the empty pans in all their glory!

88) Nyx Twin Cake pressed powder (CP10 Sand Beige)
I loved the versatility of this powder:  it can be used with a brush, or a dry or wet sponge depending on the coverage needed and all for $22AUD!  This is the second pan I've used and I would definitely repurchase.

89) Heavy Rotation Enamel Gloss (Berry)
So sad to this tube go - the 'Lip Gloss Terminator' strikes again as this is the 7th gloss I've emptied this year!
This was the perfect buttery caramel nude and if I didn't have to go all the way to Japan to buy it I'd definitely buy more.   When/if I go back I'll definitely stock up on more!  See here for a swatch.

90) MAC Eye Shadow (Satin Taupe - Frost)
I dropped the pan and smashed it, wahh!  Such a dramatic purple toned taupe and I'd hardly used it, see here for a swatch and brief review.  Oh well, it does count towards Back 2 MAC...

91) MAC Eye Shadow (Shroom - Satin)
The perfect mushroom pink-beige multitasking shadow and I'm not sure if this is the second or third pan I've finished up over the years.  I've a backlog of similar colours I'm going to use up but then I'm sure I'll go back to Shroom again.  Click here for my recent comparison review.

That's it for this month - I've been enjoying all of your empties posts as always.

Vita :)


  1. You are so good with your empties Vita! I recently bought myself a bottle of Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser, and it has since hit 'where have you been all my life' status - it's just so gentle and non-drying!

    1. Yes, the Cetaphil's fantastic stuff - I think I'm going to be a fan for life, seriously!

  2. Whew! August was a busy month for you! I need to set up my post but I hardly have any for August so it'll be a bit silly. =) I'm having such a hard time finishing things. What I've been using for my daily routine are all new products I really like or am testing out, so going back to the oldies is soooo hard. Maybe September will be good to me!

    1. Oh yeah, when you starting getting into all the new things, and getting distracted by them, it's really tough! I've got three cleansers on the go at the moment but I've decided they're taking up too much space so I'm going to use them up one by one

  3. You are a master level emptier, Vita. *bows repeatedly* lol

    I used to love Cetaphil but only used it for my face, not the body. Sounds like a great option for dry winter season! And I have a tin of Nivea that I plan on using as a hand cream at the office. I carry a mini size of it in my travel bag for the odd patch of dry skin that pops up at the corners of the mouth sometimes.

    I can't believe you finished all that makeup. Can you open up the lids next time so that we can behold the rare sight of all that amazing pan space? :D

    1. Let's just have a mutual empties admiration society, shall we? Lol! The Cetaphil cleanser is just the greatest thing since sliced bread IMO and it saved my skin this winter for sure....AND, luckily I snapped pix of the open empty pans before I tossed them. Check the edit above, hehehe!! For you Liz - all for you!!!

    2. I already saw this and tweeted you back but... AMAAAAAAAAZING!!!!! LOL

  4. I buy Cetaphil for S :) It doesn't quite suit me, I think, but he likes it, so it's his face wash of choice. We buy big bottles of it too from Costco (warehouse store). You have so many empties! You're so pro at this, Vita. I think winter brings out all the big guns, though, in terms of lotions and potions :D

    1. You're right Larie, winter's all about slathering copious amounts of moisturisers and hand creams - my skin's parched like old paper otherwise! I need to check our local Costco next time we're there to see if they stock Cetaphil. I know they sell Aveeno and Olay products but I've not noticed Cetaphil before - I could definitely justify a bulk purchase because it will get used!

  5. You really are the empties master, I love it. Love that palmers lotion, Chris swears by it thank you so much for the recommendation. I actually just bought Satin Taupe, touches wood that it lasts me and I don't smash it!

    1. OMG I don't know if I'm an empties master but I do feel like the lip gloss terminator, lol! You can see I love the Palmer's lotion too - and now I think I've hit on the perfect anti keratosis combo: use Cetaphil with a wash cloth in the shower, then finish with Palmers :) Enjoy your Satin Taupe, Emma - I'm sure you'll be less klutzy than me!

  6. "My seventh bottle this year. That is all."

    I always LOL at the expiration date on nail polish removers, which is usually 36 months :)

    1. Yes, we do get through them quickly! 36 months means 36 regular size bottles for me, OMG. I really, really need to look into getting some of the pro sized bottles. I get tired of buying the little ones all the time...

  7. This is so freaking impressive! Awesome work, Vita. x


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