21 January, 2015

Online shopping at Natural Supply Co

It's my first haul post of the year -  and it's all for the purposes of blogging research you know! Yes, seriously!

Okay, so being serious, one of the highlights of my blogging experience over the past year has been getting to know and review products from smaller, independent beauty brands I may not have otherwise come across. More recently that has extended to local online businesses in the beauty and lifestyle industry and this post is about my online shopping experiences (and picks) from the Natural Supply Co site.

Natural Supply Co is a Melbourne based company established late in 2014 by close friends (and genuinely lovely ladies from my dealings with them) Celeste and Catherine who wanted to make it easier for customers to find "...natural (yet delightful!) beauty, skincare and lifestyle products, along with meaningful information, in one place."  All of the brands available on the site focus on natural ingredients, are cruelty free and are environmentally friendly in their manufacturing and packaging.

 After only a few months the site's brand listing has grown to a total of 37 local and international brands (and counting it appears as it was 35 only a few weeks ago) including Badger, Bite Beauty, Grown Alchemist, O&M Original Mineral Haircare, and Shore Soap Co.
 I've actually shopped the site twice now, initially before Christmas and just a week ago so this is a combined haul post...
My online shopping experience:
I found the site easy to navigate either searching by brand (by clicking on brand logo's on the main brand page) or by product in the dropdown category listings.  Apart from looking at a few specific brands I had in mind I found it just as easy to scroll through product categories to explore the range.  I like how each brand has an introductory 'Who Why What' page so I could read all about them before I made brand selections and link back to the 'Shop' page. 
On both occasions the products were promptly dispatched within 24 hours and delivered within 48 hours.  As you can see above the packing is in keeping with the company's environmentally conscious philosophy, using unbleached paper rather than plastic or foam padding and everything is prettily hand wrapped and ready for gifting if I'd wanted to gift it to someone other than myself!
So here's what I chose.  It was a balanced mix of necessities and pretties I think...
December's haul
Salus Eucalyptus & Rosemary Purifying Body Scrub - I always have a body scrub in the shower for regular exfoliation and I wanted to try this luxury home spa version.
Yard Skincare Balmoral Bliss Bloss - This crazy sounding product is one of an irresistible range of natural lip balm/gloss hybrids referred to as 'Bloss' and come in 7 shades.  Balmoral Bliss Bloss is a sheer candy pink, smells like chocolate mint and glides like butter on the lips - yum!
Bite Beauty Cashmere Lip Cream (Crianza) - Another matte liquid lipstick to add to my collection and another Bite Beauty product to try.  Crianza is a dark pink-red or red-pink depending on how you see it.

January's haul
O&M Maintain the Mane Mini Set - My hairdresser uses O&M products on my tresses so I bought this travel-size pack ready for my next trip coming up in a few months.  I like being prepared ahead of time obviously!

Love Soap Organic Lavender and Meadowfoam Hand Wash - I bought this child-friendly moisturising hand wash for my own sensitive hands and got it straight into action in my bathroom to wash my hands without stripping them of moisture. 
Bite Beauty Whipped Cherry Fruit Scrub -  Confession:  this will be the first time I've tried a lip scrub!
Kester Black Nail Polish (Sky) and O&M/Kester Black Limited Edition Nail Polish (Conquer Blonde) - This will be my first time trying these 5-Free Australian made (Melbourne made actually, so very local!) nail polishes.
 I'm slowly working my way through these products so let me know what you'd like to see reviewed first!
Australian readers:  If you want to check out Natural Supply Co for yourself shop the site here.



  1. Great purchases Vita! Have you tried the Bite Beauty Whipped Cherry Fruit Scrub? I'm interested to see how it goes.

    1. I've only sniffed it so far. Shall get onto that one and do a review for you!

  2. Some great products by the look of it, I'm dying to try some bite beauty products. One day! What a great idea to have a website for all natural products, I've spotted some UK based ones but none that make it particularly easy to navigate.

    Áine Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle

    1. Bite beauty is a definite must try brand!

      I find this site very easy to get around - although I could spend ages going through the products as I keep finding more and more things to buy! Thinking of buying some candles next time...

  3. I love browsing on this site, so many tempting things! I need to eventually haul from there methinks, bite beauty come to mama

  4. Great haul. I've purchased from them before and they were great! I love how they package everything :)

    I also picked up the Bite Beauty scrub and Love Soap handwash (in a different scent).

    1. I'll definitely be shopping the site again! I'm keen to try some of the household cleaners and candles next I think :)

  5. Fun! Have you already shown us an FOTD wearing Crianza? Would love to see if you haven't!

    1. I'll try and get an Instagram selfie up for you this week! :-))


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