21 February, 2016

Barry M Aquarium Collection: Mediterranean

I was quite excited to come across a Barry M stand in my nearest Big W store and I was immediately taken by some of the polishes!

Barry M is a budget cruelty free brand from the UK which has finally launched in Australia via the Big W chain.  From the social media images I'd seen I was most interested in their nail polish line and I wasn't disappointed when I came across it in person - especially their Aquarium Collection although I was very restrained and stopped at just one bottle because it was the most unique shade.

When I spotted the shade called Mediterranean I knew I didn't have anything quite like it in my collection but I couldn't decide whether it would look good or hideous on me - a rose/yellow "mirror" duo-chrome could be hard to pull off!  Fortunately the colour looked interesting in a good way once it was on my nails.  I can't be quite as glowing in my praise for the formula though as it was a little thick, making application a bit tricky so I ended up with visible brushstrokes and some pooling at the tips of the nails.  Still, who doesn't enjoy watching a sunset on their fingertips?

All pictures taken in indirect daylight

Have you tried Barry M cosmetics?  Do you have any product recommendations for me to try?

Cruelty Free: Yes 
Vegan: Yes
Certified Organic: No

Until next time.

(This product was purchased by me.) 


  1. This is a gorgeous shade! I know that feeling, too, though - sometimes you want something because it's so unique, but then you're not sure it will actually look good, and then what's the point? Hahaha.

    1. Thank goodness it turned out to be unique in a great way!

  2. The color looks lovely.
    I haven't seen BarryM anywhere around me yet. Maybe one day...

    1. Check your local Big W! Hopefully it will be there soon :-)


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