09 February, 2016

Essence Happy Girls Are Pretty Collection: 05 Pretty You

I'm rushing to get this Essence nail swatch post up because the Happy Girls Are Pretty Collection has been out for a few weeks already and you know what that means.  As with most LE collections it's the quick or the dead...

Pretty You is a simply chic neutral beige and though I favour shades like these on my skin in the summer months, if you're a little less pale than me you can get away with this all year round.  I found the formula quite opaque and I'd recommend a single coat as the second coat actually went on a little too thick and uneven for me.  Honestly, I should have just quit while I was ahead because one coat was just fine!  Wear time was around 4 days without chips and I was suitably happy with that.  

I haven't worn Essence polish for a while but I still think they're a great quality product for their bargain price.  Now onto some pictures because it's the colour that you want to see rather than me putting you to sleep with my rambling again!

All pictures taken in indirect daylight:

Have you bought anything from the Happy Girls Are Pretty collection?

Cruelty Free: Yes 
Vegan: To be confirmed
Certified Organic: No

Until next time!

(This product was purchased by me.) 


  1. Gorgeous swatches- I bought a few bits from that collection and have a post upcoming, including this polish and one other shade! I am loving nude nails at the moment, and this collection was great for that ;P

    1. Oh a GF and me snapped up both the nude shades as soon as we saw them! So pretty!

  2. Beautiful polish, so chic. Perfect for work too. Looks great on you.

    1. Makes for a nice low key change. The nudes in this collection are a lovely variation on the usual :)


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