06 January, 2012

Beauty resolutions for 2012???


I've been thinking about my own resolutions list for 2012 for a while now, mostly because I know they will be directing me to buy less make-up.  2011 was a fantastically fun year, starting up this blog and connecting with lots of lovely, like-minded people.  I don't regret it at all!  The "side-effect" for want of a better term was the compulsive beauty buying that ensued.  Originally my blog was more focused on sharing my own nail polish collection, but as a beauty buff from way back, I love make-up and it was a case of "monkey see (on other blogs!), monkey buy"!  Ah well, let's start off with the easy resolutions before I get onto the painful ones!

  1. Keep my eyebrows under control with more regular grooming
  2. Master the use of blush and bronzer - remember they can be a pale gal's friends!
  3. Always take off all my make-up at night - not just my eye make-up like I sometimes do...
  4. Clean my make-up brushes regularly - I've bought some brush cleaner from MAC so that's a big hint to self!
  5. Wear sunscreen - I'm in a dispute with my doctor over this because I've recently become Vitamin D deficient.  Heck, I'll just take the vitamin supplements and keep wearing the sunscreen thanks! 

Now the biggie....

Go on a 3 month/Project 10 Pan make-up ban!
So I won't buy any make-up for 3 months or I've finished 10 make-up items, which ever takes me the longest time.  Of course I've set up some rules to make it less painful and thrown in a little reward system to keep me motivated.
  • Have one last hurrah at the beauty counters just to ease me in - Done!  I've got two last haul posts coming up over the next week or so
  • Do a clean out of beauty products that are cluttering up the place and won't be used - in progress and I'll do a post on this
  • Set aside $5 for each successful week to go towards a luxe makeup item (or items) as a reward for completing the ban - this should motivate me to keep the ban going as long as possible.  I got this idea from The Dark Side of Beauty.
  • Exception:  I may buy a make-up item during the ban only if I genuinely run out and do not have a back up - believe me this could happen if I run out of pressed powder over the next 3 months as I've only got a single MAC powder to use! 

But wait, there's more!  I know my nail polish collection is hopelessly out of control and I don't think I'll ever finish another bottle but I CAN do a little something about reducing my lipstick and gloss population this year.
  • Finish 5 lipsticks or 5 lip glosses for every one I buy this year - now that's gonna be a toughie so there's one exception to this particular rule:  Back 2 MAC where I score a free lipstick after returning 6 empty packages

I'm off to check out which 10 products I think I'm going to finish over the next three months or so.  Wish me luck!

Have you ever imposed a make-up ban?  How long did it last?

Keep smiling!

Vita :)


    1. Those are some big resolutions and i wish and i could do the same but i'm afraid thats not gonna happen lol. But all the best Vita!! looking forward to all the post u have planned for this year:)

    2. wow! now thats a resolution! keep us updated on how HARD/easy it is ;) and BTW have you considered doing a stash post?! i want to see all your pretty make up and how you store it :D

    3. @Priyanka - Thanks - I'm feeling pretty optimistic at the moment but it's only the first week! Haha :)

      @Maria - Don't worry I'll let you know when it gets tough cos I'm sure it will! Have to confess my stash is SUPER disorganised at the moment, with everything everywhere (another reason I'm cleaning out and on a ban) so a stash post will have to wait until I've sorted myself out! xoxo

    4. good luck with your ban! i should seriously do one too but i know i wont be able to keep it so i dont bother xD i try to budget though

    5. Good luck with your ban! I think the idea of putting some cash away each week so you can spoil yourself after is a great idea, gives you some motivation to stick to it and then you have something to look forward to :D xx

    6. Your doctor doesn't want you to wear sunscreen...?

      I love the idea of putting money aside for a luxe item. I think I might do that myself.

    7. I know exactly what you mean - since starting my blog, my makeup collection has exploded...I see something on a blog, and of course I have to have it. As for finishing a product...that never happens!

      Oh the sunscreen debate! I'm with you, keep wearing the sunscreen.

      That is one tough resolution to keep, but I think it is a good idea, especially saving up for the luxe item. Good luck!


    8. @Isabella - Thank you :) Budgeting doesn't really work for me because I "find" too many bargains. It's got to be a total ban I'm afraid!

      @Corrina - Thanks, the reward system is a great idea and I'm glad I borrowed it.

      @Dee - I should have been more specific about the sunscreen dispute. Doc's referring to not wearing sunscreen on my face, like makeup with SPF. His argument is if I work in an office all day (I do) then I'm not in any danger of getting burnt and am denying myself any natural vitamin D I'd get safely in the mornings/afternoons going to and from work. However, I don't want wrinkles, and I've witnessed my own mum having a chunk of skin cancer removed from her nose so I'm going agree to disagree with my doc.

    9. @Candice - Accumulating make-up is definitely an occupational hazard of beauty blogging! See my comment to Dee above explaining why I'm a fan of the sunscreen. Thanks for wishing me luck Candice! xoxo

    10. LOVE this!! Keep us updated with how you go!!

    11. Good luck!! I've put myself on a nail polish budget for this year. It's been 6 days and I'm still going strong haha! I can't say it will be the same in 6 weeks though, I will try! I like your reward system.

      I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award: http://www.prettypurplepolish.com/2012/01/versatile-blogger-award.html

    12. I haven't been on a self imposed makeup ban... but your post has me motivated to go on one as well... weed out /use up the old, and once achieved reward myself with a lux item :)

    13. Great resolutions! I definitely need to keep my eyebrows in check, work on removing my makeup (not just using wipes!) at night, and wearing sunscreen on my body, not just my face and neck.

      I really like the idea of setting aside $5 for a luxe makeup item. At present I pretty much just check my bank account and see how much I can spend, rather than having any actual budget. I need to get more organised in that respect :)

      I definitely need to use up more of my lip products, I just had to get another container for them and I've got more coming in the mail -__-" But at least if I finish some of the MAC items I can B2M too, like you said.

    14. Good luck with your project 10 pan/ no buy! I'm on a no buy until April 1st too. You'll do fine! So weird your Dr told you off for wearing sunscreen... that's definitely a first! x

    15. Good luck with your project. I've tried to be or a no-buy, but it works only to the point when I really really really want something. Then it breaks. But at least I reconsider buying something before I do, that's something too, right, right? ;)

    16. @Haute_Style - I'll definitely keep you posted with how it goes! xoxo

      @Pretty Purple Polish - Good luck with your budget and thanks for the award xoxo

      @Lucy - Go for it! I'm going to start working on a luxe wish list to help keep my eyes on the prize. xoxo

      @SilhouetteScreams - Thanks Jerry! Nice to . Dknow there are a few of us in the same predicament! xoxo

      @Claire - So we're in this together then until April at least. Good luck to you too! xoxo

      @Ulmiel - I agree with you. It's good when you find you have to justify your purchases - then you're less likely to buy them (as quickly anyway)! xoxo

    17. Wow, you're hardcore! Good luck to you! A lot of bloggers are planning a no-buy/limited-buy project for the new year. I'm going to step up my game a bit as well.

      And I couldn't agree more with your intro paragraph. I sometimes lose the purpose of my blog's mission, lol.

    18. @Liz - Yes, I had to remind myself why I set up my blog in the first place! With all this support I'm feeling strong about my resolutions. xoxo


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