19 January, 2012

Sorry - it's Silver Shatter again!!

Hello :)

I know, you're probably tired of these crackle/shatter posts so I'm apologizing in advance!  I like adding shatter polishes not just to give standard manicures a twist but also extend their wear time.  I loved this icy mani so much I wore it for 3 days and had to share it. This is OPI's good ol' Silver Shatter worn over L'Oreal's steely Blue Laguna.

All pictures were taken outdoors in indirect daylight:

Thanks for looking!

Vita :)


  1. You did such a great job with the shatter polish here. I can't seem to get it right - my shatters always turns out really small, yours look perfect!

    1. Thanks Stacey! I have mixed results with these but the metallic shatters work best with thin coats, and the matte shatters turn out best with a thicker application.

  2. Love it!


    1. Thanks Sara! I figured everyone was a bit over it but I really loved wearing this combo and wanted to share it. :) xoxo


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