08 January, 2012

Layering with Revlon Icicles

Hello again!

You know I don't think Revlon's Icicles has been swatched before - the only blog post I've been able to find was a rather stunning bottle shot taken by another Aussie nail polish blogger, Kaz at Pretty Random (here) as part of her extensive gallery of HTF Revlon polishes.  Icicles is a sheer glitter polish released as one of Revlon's Snowglobes collection from back in 2003 I think.  It's a gentle mix of blue iridescent glitter in a  sheer pink polish base which makes it look opalescent and very pretty.  I was lucky enough to snap this bottle up for around a meagre $4AUD in Cosmetics Plus whilst on holiday in Queensland late last year.

I applied two coats of Icicles over another Revlon polish, the hot Coral Me Wild.  Looking at my casual application here (darn glitter everywhere!) I'll need to do a reswatch to capture the true beauty but try and enjoy these pictures anyway as they give you some idea of the soft sparkle.

Full sun

Outdoors shade

I'm going to try this polish over a soft pastel shade next time I swatch it.

Until my next post

Vita :)


  1. So pretty! It's really lovely. :)

  2. Oooh pretty! It's like stars and snow :)

  3. This looks really pretty and sparkly!

  4. @SihouetteScreams - Snow, yes I can see that!

    @Polish AMOR - Thank you, I'm definitely reswatching this polish because I want to wear it again!


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