30 January, 2011

My first China Glaze swatch: For Audrey


After craving - I mean lemming - it for months I was excited to finally get my hands on For Audrey and even more excited to try it out!!

It did not disappoint.  The coverage was great and I could probably make do with a single coat if I'd been better with my application.  Suffice to say two coats and I was definitely done.  The colour was everything I hoped it would be and you'll see I did the totally unoriginal shot with the Tiffany box just to make me happy.
 This creme eggshell blue really is a great colour to wear in summer now that we're finally getting that scorching weather here - 40C (104F) today.  Best bit - I scored compliments from my girlfriends at lunch!!  Anyway here she is...sorry I couldn't contain my excitement even though she's been seen many times before...

Outdoor shade
Indoor lamp - most colour accurate
Great colour match with the Tiffany packaging!
 I did take some pix in full sun but the colour looked too washed out so I didn't post any.

Until my next post.

Vita :)

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