29 January, 2011

Some goodies from last weekend


Ever since I've been following blogs China Glaze is one brand I've seen posted everywhere and one brand that I did not own.  Of course, that makes me very curious about the fuss...

Anyway, I was shopping with my husband and son last Saturday at a local shopping centre and what did I spot?  A full stand of China Glaze! After the 'OMG!' reaction I was hoping that For Audrey would be there and I was in luck.  For Audrey is widely blogged to be the perfect Tiffany box blue, which makes sense given that it is named after Audrey Hepburn, star of 'Breakfast at Tiffanys'. I love Tiffanys (my engagement & wedding rings are Tiffany) and have kept all my Tiffany blue jewellery boxes so I have a sentimental reason for wanting that shade.  I also bought a bottle of Grape Juice, a purple shade full of silvery glassy flecks simply because I like purple.  Two bottles cost me $20AUD which is very reasonable.

Well, the next day we were at the Chinese/Vietnamese Lunar Festival in Victoria Street Richmond when I spotted some cute little nail polishes selling at 2 for $5 so I picked up two of those. The first shade is a silvery lilac, the other a deep burgundy/purple.  The brand is Crystal Dior - a play on Christian Dior I think!  They are manufactured in Thailand and I don't know anything else about them. 

Naughty me!
Left to right:  Grape Juice, For Audrey, J18, 07
I haven't tried any of these yet.  I hope to wear For Audrey this weekend. 

That's all for now.


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