26 January, 2011

Some beautiful Xmas presents: Part 2

Hi again!

Now I thought I'd show a special little something I got from my husband .  Of course he knows my taste, so among other things, he bought me this beautiful little gold bag tag from YSL.  I'm not 100% sure on this but I believe it was a limited edition for Xmas 2010.

This lovely gold tag opens up to reveal a mirror and a lip palette consisting of two subtle lip colours.  One is a pink lipstick and the other a pearl lip gloss.  As you can see below I've already dipped into these and they are very quiet, understated colours:

Just ignore my middle-aged skin in this pic.  Next time I promise I'll swatch on the inside of my arm.  Beside that little distraction you can see that these colours are tres chic!  I LOVE YSL but that is a whole other story...

Until the next post

Vita :)

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