01 May, 2012

REVIEW: April's farewelled products

I was so focused on finishing Project 10 Pan I didn't really notice the rest of the empties piling up last month - it kind of happened while I wasn't looking.  Here are the 12 latest empties to add to the year's tally with my thoughts on them as usual!

Skin care

33) Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Daily Face Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30+ (30ml)
My favourite facial sunscreen and they went and discontinued it - well not exactly, as Neutrogena's launched Healthy Defence Daily Moisturiser in its place.  The oil-free formula is light on the skin and it sits well on top of my usual moisturiser.  I've purchased the new version and I'm currently working on a review I'll post soon.  Just letting you know in advance - I like it too!

34) L'Oreal Revitalift Rejuvenating Cleansing Wipes (25 wipes)
I'm so late to the cleansing wipe party.  These are the first cleansing wipes I've ever used!  One of my beauty resolutions at the start of the year was to be diligent with my nightly cleansing routine.  Knowing I'm lazy I've made good use of wipes now and I'm going to be trying out every different brand I can get my hands on until I've found the HG of wipes.  Right - well I loved these ones didn't I!!  They're targeted at middle-aged miss/ms/mrs' like me and are enriched with a creamy cleanser containing Vitamin C and an exfoliant.  One wipe cleansed my skin thoroughly and left it feeling moisturised enough to leave bare before bed.  And the scent!  Slightly perfumey but utterly lovely to my nose.  I liked the resealable flip top lid too.  At this point in time I'd say this has set the bar for wipes - definite repurchase.

35) Yes to Cucumbers Soothing Daily Gentle Cleanser (3.38oz/95g)
I wanted to like this gel cleanser but it just wasn't for me.  It felt like slippery goo on my face and took a lot of rinsing to remove.  I used this in the shower in the mornings because rinsing this in the basin in the evening was going to be waayyy too much effort for me.  I won't be buying this cleanser again and have switched to Yes to Blueberries which I prefer hands-down.

Hand and body care

36) OPI Polish Remover (non-oily, moisturizing formula 120ml - 4fl.oz)
My fourth bottle this year. Umm...

37) Manicare Nail Polish Remover (60ml travel size)
This little bottle of remover was hanging around from my last trip in January so I finished it to reduce some of my bathroom clutter.  The formula includes acetone with tea tree oil and vitamin E.   Probably a teeny bit less effective than my OPI remover but still a good substitute and a fraction of the cost.  I think this cost me less than $4AUD and I've since bought a full size bottle.

38) OPI RapiDry Top Coat (15ml)
One of my favourite top coats because of the quick dry time.  I use thinner drops to use this all the way down to the bottom and it continues to be as effective.  Another repurchase item.

39) Avojuice Skin Quenchers Berry Juicie (30ml/1 fl.oz travel size)
I'm working my way through my collection of these.  This berry fragrance funnily enough smells like like grape bubblegum to me!  One of these days I'll buy a full size bottle but I like these minis for the fun factor.
40) Natio Wellness Hand Cream SPF 15 (100ml/3.3fl oz)
One of my favourite hand creams and I think I've worked my way through at least 3 tubes over the last few years because I keep coming back to it.  Anything with SPF gets my love, and this cream penetrates quickly leaving my hands feeling soft and lightly scented with natural pomegranate extract.  If there's one criticism it's that I seem to go through this particular hand cream quite quickly!  A definite repurchase.


41) MAC Select Sheer Pressed Powder (NC20)
I've been using this powder for years because it finishes my skin without giving me a made up look.  Click here for my original review.

42) MAC Cremesheen lipstick (Party Line)
Finishing this plum berry shade has left a gap in my lipstick wardrobe because it's the perfect autumn shade.   I'll counter this with the lipstick itself - for some reason MAC Cremesheens always break in the tube for me!  It's put me off buying these again - but I love the colour dammit so I'm feeling very conflicted!!!  Click here for a swatch of this and L'Oreal's Lasting Coral gloss.  Two lippies down, three to go to finish my lipstick ban...

43) L'Oreal Glam Shine 6hr Lip Gloss (Lasting Coral)
I'm so glad to see this one go.  Great colour, but a HORRIBLE formula. I couldn't possibly forget this was on my lips because of the sticky formula and it used to leave little lumps of colour on the inside of my lips. I don't know how I finished this really but I determinedly kept going as this was part of my gloss ban.  Only one more to go and my lipgloss ban's done!

44) Napoleon Perdis Whole Lotta Lash Mascara (Black)
I think this was a promotional release because I can't find it on the Napoleon website.  Shame, because I really liked this one and used it for way too long (read more than 6 months).  Great flexible brush and non clumping glossy formula.  I think I'll take this with me when I stalk the Napoleon Perdis counter!

That's it for another month of empties.

Vita :)


  1. Gah, I love these types of posts. Makes me want to try and finish all the products I have. I'm so bad about just buying more and piling up crap in my bathroom! You finished quite a bit of stuff! I'm trying to go through mine and set them aside to try and do this kind of post for April. =)

    1. I'd love to see how you go :) I don't have too much trouble finishing things but I always seem to buy more than I use anyway, lol!

  2. You always do so well! Not long now till you'll be lipstick and lipgloss freeee, but you will be much more choosy non? Clever Vita, if only I had your willpower

    1. Thanks Emma :) I'll absolutely be more choosy - I know my next gloss will be a Chanel! xo

  3. I wish my empties piled up while I wasn't looking! Haha. Jeez! Can't wait to see what new, worthy items you get to replace your project 10 pan things!

    1. I did some shopping on the weekend, so a wishlist haul post is coming soon!

  4. You are amazing! I've never finished a top coat down to the last drop. And I do have a thinner, too. *fail* Coincidentally, I'm using that same OPI Fast Dry right now and think it's pretty great. We'll see if I can do as well as you have!

    1. Use those thinner drops - much less wastage! I used to throw away half-full bottles too until I discovered this little trick :)


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