06 May, 2012

The wishlist haul! (MAC, Jill Stuart & a little something extra)

Only a few days ago I was reviewing my empties, now here I am with a new haul post!  It's been a long time between drinks seeing that my last cosmetics haul was back at the beginning of January because of that little interlude brought about by P10P.   I've harped on about P10P long enough so now it's time to shelve it and not go there again (at least for the rest of the year!) You know, I'll probably keep whining about the pain involved in my lip product ban but I'm making headway there too so it shouldn't be too much longer if I keep focusing on using a limited selection of colours! 

This post-pan haul was always going to be a bit of a splurge - I had a little kitty of money put away as I pocketed $5 for each week I went without  to put towards a luxury item (I ended up with $75) and I wanted to honour my wishlist.  Now $75 doesn't go very far on luxe products here in Australia so I well and truly blew my budget but in most cases it was worth it.  

"Alright, Mr DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up..." 

MAC Extra Dimension Eye Shadow
 (Grand Galaxy)
I nearly missed out on these as they were already sold out at David Jones.  Luckily enough Myer next door had almost the full complement of colours to choose from.  These eye shadows have a liquid-powder formula so they apply like silk.   I purchased Grand Galaxy because I loved how luminously the cool grey-toned purple swatched against my skin.  I can see this one as an amazing shimmery smokey eye on its own or paired with Phloof! as an inner corner highlight.

MAC Powder Blush
(Immortal Flower)
MAC's Tres Cheek collection was bit easier to find, thank goodness because I HAD to have this blush shade.  Immortal Flower was rather more peachy IRL than I was expecting but after the MAC artist applied it on my cheeks I knew it was right for me.  It's a satin finish, so shimmer-free and very natural.  I can get a bit heavy-handed with blush so goof-proof shades like this are best for me.

The MAC swatches:
Immortal Flower & Grand Galaxy

Jill Stuart Mix-Blush Compact
(01 Baby Blush)
I took a huge, very expensive gamble buying this blush because there were no testers to try and you know *gulp* I'm still not sure because this looked so very, VERY sheer when I finally swatched it on the inside of my arm.  I'll admit a big part of the reason I bought it was because I have a silly girly desire to own all things Jill Stuart and well - look at the cute packaging right!?! 

Now for the invisible swatch - Trust me it's there, somewhere on my arm. I think you can just make out the pale pink swatch lines??? I hope this shows up better on primed cheeks!  Damn, the colours looked way more vibrant in the palette...

Shu Uemura Nail Color
(ciel blue)
Not on the wishlist but what a beautiful blue!  I saw this lovely shade discounted at the Shu counter and thought why not?  My first Shu Uemura polish and it cost me less than a bottle of OPI.

I've done a very ordinary tape swatch but I can't wait to wear this colour because I love how it looks against my skin.  It's making me crave spring already:

Sorry about the little gap between posts.  I haven't lost my mojo, I've just been super busy and a power outage the other night didn't exactly help either!

Until next time.

Vita :)


  1. love that nail polish color!


    1. It's a lovely spring blue - I'm waiting for a sunny day to wear it!

  2. A Shu Uemura polish less than OPI? Get out of here! You HAD to get it. :)

    And you deserve the haul so enjoy, Vita! Jill Stuart does look phenomenal on the vanity and I'm sure the shade would show up better on the face over powder or foundation. My fave from this lot is MAC Immortal Flower. So pretty!

    1. Aww shucks, thanks Liz :) I couldn't turn down the discounted Shu Uemura - it's the first Shu anything in my collection and you know how I like Japanese-influenced things! No doubt I'll let everyone know how I fare with the JS blush...

  3. That polish is gorgeous! Hurray for being able to cross items off of the wishlist!!!

    1. It felt sooo good I've gotta tell you Larie!


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