27 May, 2012

Is Topshop's Zodiac a dupe for Chanel Graphite?

I hope you're all having a happy weekend!  Mine's almost over...

I was wearing Topshop's Zodiac on my nails all last week and I couldn't stop admiring my nails.  Zodiac is from Topshop's limited Sisters Of The New Moon collection.  It's  peculiarly described as black although this stunning gold flecked pewter foil polish is anything but that.  It's pretty well amazing and my camera kept freaking out, having trouble focusing on this complex sparkly polish.  With a base and top coat I had no chips or tip wear all week either, which suited me fine because I wasn't in a hurry to remove this beauty.

Full sun



Now, I went past the Chanel counter late last week and picked up the tester bottle of Graphite to compare to my Zodiac manicure.  Now to my eye, my Zodiac nails were an exact match to Graphite in the bottle!  It makes this little bargain all the sweeter because I bought Zodiac for $12.95AUD which is a heck of lot less than around $39AUD I'd have to pay for a bottle of Chanel.

So - Do you think this is a dupe for Graphite?

*EDIT* - For a direct comparison click on Kristy of The Polish Haven's post here.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Vita :)


  1. This is definitely a dupe of Chanel's Graphite! Great find!

    1. I was happily surprised when I realised so I thought it was worth sharing :)

  2. yep, they are dupes - I did a comparison on my blog

  3. Thanks Kristy - either I missed your post or I'm losing my mind a little early and forgot! Wouldn't surprise me actually - I'm heading over to investigate right now and add a link to your comparison in my post :)


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