20 May, 2012

A tiny Topshop haul

Hi everyone!

It takes a brave forty-something woman to enter into and navigate the wilds of Topshop without being accompanied by an attractive, fashion conscious twenty-something for protection.  And, you know, I've done it twice now.   The first time was purely a reconnaissance mission to find out what was there - the second time a few weeks ago I was there to BUY! 

This little post is to share the trophies of my second mission (Enough of the silliness, OK?).  Topshop have a veritable rainbow of nail polish colours so I knew I was going to choose at least one of those and I also wanted to see what else would catch my eye in the rest of the makeup line.  Considering the inexpensive prices I walked away with a reasonably small haul of three items:  two bottles of nail polish and a cream blush.
Clockwise from top:
Cream blush (Prime Time)
Nail polish (Zodiac & Gypsy Night)

I surprised myself by ignoring all the rainbow brights and pastel polishes, and zoned in on the metallic and darker hues.  The seasonal influence of winter was clearly at play when it came to my fingertips!

Zodiac -  is a limited edition shade from Topshop's Sisters Of The New Moon collection and the Topshop website describes it as black.  It's actually a silvery/pewter metallic which reminds me a little of Chanel's iconic Graphite.  I can't see any black undertones in it at all!

Gypsy Night - is a multi-coloured glitter mix suspended in a jelly black base.  I bought this with plans of wearing it over an opaque black creme polish for an after-dark mani. 

Now I wasn't very rapt in the quality of the eyeshadows when I swatched them in the store but I was pretty impressed by the feel and pigmentation of the cream blush.  I chose Prime Time for its vivid candy pink just because it looked like a cheerful colour.  According to Topshop this is a cream to powder blush fomulation which "melts into the skin, giving a natural luminous, radiant finish".  I can tell you it does feel lovely and buttery when you swipe it with your fingertips.  The pigmentation is very rich so  it's a case of dotting the smallest amount before blending into the cheeks.

Now for the swatches. I've done these quite heavily and this is photographed in full sunlight.

 Top to bottom:
Prime Time
Gypsy Night

 I've already worn the nail polish so I'll post full manicures of these shades soon.

That's all for now.

Vita :)


  1. I'm sure you were the glammest 40 something in Topshop! As a 30 something woman I haven't had a chance to go to Topshop yet as we don't have one here in Syd. That blush looks absolutely stunning, so will be adding it to my shopping list for next time I'm in Melb (which might be a while since I'm now banned from flying what with my preggers state and all!). I bet the blush would look good on the lips too.

    1. Not long to go now Lilit and you'll soon be travelling with baby - I'm so excited for you! Great idea about using the blush on the lips. It's such a pure candy pink with no shimmer whatsoever so I think it will work well. I'll give it a go!

  2. LOL! Your intro made me laugh. MISSION SUCCESSFUL. They're lovely and I like that you balanced out the moody nail colours with a bright and cheerful cheek. Enjoy your goodies and I'm looking forward to your third invasion against Topshop!

    1. Making Liz laugh? I'd call that MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!

  3. Um, everything about this post is BEAUTIFUL. That blush! Those nail shades!!! Gorgeous!

    1. Standby for the first nail post Larie - hopefully tonight if I'm not too tired! :^)

  4. That cream blush is GORGEOUS! It would make an amazing lip color!

    1. I definitely need to try it on my lips. This could be a great multi-tasker :)

  5. Replies
    1. I think I took a walk on the wild side buying that!


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