07 December, 2011

Festive fingertips: OPI - Don't Toy With Me!

Because we're heading towards the holiday season I'm dragging out my beloved old limited edition holiday polishes!

The first holiday polish I'm posting is one of my absolute favourite reds of all time(!) and is from OPI's 2008 Holiday in Toyland collection.  Don't Toy With Me is an amazing glass-flecked deep ruby red.  It's like wearing crushed rubies on my fingertips as the sparkle is crazy in bright light.  The depth and complexity of this polish is fabulous.  Gorgeous for a party manicure!

It's so stunning and I don't think my pictures don't do it justice...

Full sun


Outdoors shade

That's all for now.

Vita :)


  1. Oh wow, that is such a lovely colour!!

  2. @Julia - Thanks, I love it so much it's on my toes too!

  3. oh wow this one is stunning!! love it looks great on you

  4. oh lucky!! it's gorgeous!
    It kinda reminds me of Let Me Entertain You but red instead of fuchsia! I also love glass flecks!! I wish I could let my hand on this beauty! It looks amazing on you!!

  5. Ciao Bella,
    What a gorgeous shade of red. I love it.
    Is this shade similar to China Glazes "Ruby Pumps"? I don't have either... but I would love to have Ruby Pumps because it just seems to be so pretty. I am on the hunt for a really pretty red for Christmas this year.
    Have a great day!!
    Hugs & Kisses,

  6. Fun fun!! This is definitely festive. Great pick!

  7. OH MY JINGLE BELLS! This is by far my favourite that you've ever swatched, I think. :)

  8. @Polish AMOR - Thanks! xoxo

    @Shelley - Ruby Pumps is a red glitter polish which would be a great festive mani. I actually have it in my stash so I'll have to do a comparison post.

    @Liz - Thanks! It's still on my nails cos I don't want to take it off.

    @Vintage Makeup - Yay! You understand why it's one of my faves then. :) xoxo

  9. Vita! i've been so MIA from blogger lately & i missed your blog! so since i had a few minutes to spare before i head to bed i came to browse & OMG! i love so many! that glitter with the stars.. i NEED it! im going to ebay soon to see if i can find it there. hahahah but this one takes the cake! i love darker polishes & the name of it is so cute too. hahaha it looks great on you doll ! xoxo

  10. @Maria - Oh sweetie, so glad you dropped by! I hope you had a great birthday! xoxo

  11. i totally did! we went shopping to the sephora that had Illamasqua and i spoiled myself to 2 nail polishes from them .. its the only way i can justify wasting 30 dollars on two nail polishes. hahaha

  12. @Maria - Glad to hear it! Look forward to seeing your new polishes :)


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