29 December, 2011

Napoleon Luxe Lipgloss Collection (self-gifting!)

It's always nice when I get spending money as a present.  It means I can go ahead and indulge myself a little without any tinge of guilt.  Of course for me that usually means indulging in cosmetics!

I'd spied Napoleon Perdis' limited Luxe Lipgloss Collection in the days leading up to Christmas and after some quick swatching in-store (very bad move because they were all gorgeous, classy shades weren't they!!) I was very tempted by the idea of trying five full-sized glosses for $55AUD, less than half the actual product price of $125AUD if I was to buy five individual NP glosses.  Well, I was strong and held out until after Christmas but when I saw the collection selling at 50% off at the Boxing Day sales - and I had Christmas gift money from my dear Dad in my wallet - that baby was mine!

So this is my little gift to myself:

Here's a little closer look at the tubes all lined up in the package.  As you can see there isn't a single Barbie shade in there and they cover the spectrum from deep plum to creamy nude.  Unfortunately the shades aren't labelled so I don't know if these are from Napoleon's core line or are limited edition.

Swatched in daylight in the same order as above:

According to the Napoleon Perdis website these luxe lip glosses are, "...packed with lip-loving ingredients like Green Tea and Pomegranate, ...and are... deliciously flavored with Lychee Extract..."  From my first impression these lip glosses feel weightlessly moisturising on my lips and provide a sheer colour with a high gloss patent finish.  I also love the lychee flavour and scent.

The Luxe Lipgloss Collection is currently retailing for $27.50AUD and is available from Napoleon stockists and their online store here while stocks last.

Did you indulge in any self-gifting this Christmas? 
What did you treat yourself to?

That's all for now.

Vita :)


  1. Oooh some lovely corals and nudes in there! I barely got anything beauty-wise from the Boxing Day sales, I didn't really find anything I wanted :( I splurged on a new laptop for graduate work and a new camera though!

  2. Argh now I want those really bad haha ! They're all so pretty, and super cheap, especially for Napoleon Perdis.

  3. Ahhh so pretty! I shoulda have picked up this set as well!

  4. They are all so pretty! :) 50% off is awesome!

  5. @SilhouetteScreams - Bummer about the sales. Looking forward to seeing photos using your new camera though!

    @Margaret - I thought the price was fantastic too. You may still be able to get them. I checked Napoleon's online store last night and these glosses were still in stock. :)

    @Gianna - I felt like buying the Desk to Dusk set as well but I have way too many palettes! :-/

    @Vintage Makeup - You know I love a good bargain!

  6. Some shades looks very lovely, specially the darker and peachy one

  7. What a great buy, the colours look beautiful. I just saw the tv commercial for the NP Sale - I need to get to a store ASAP - lol

  8. @MissDoll - Thanks, I was attracted by the dark plum shade too :)

    @Beauty Soiree - Go girl go!! It'll be great to see what you choose :)


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