26 December, 2011

My Christmas Day mani: BYS - Tempt MeTangerine

Hello and Happy Holidays to everyone!  I hope you all had a wonderful day :)

We celebrated Christmas Day with all the family having lunch at our home.  It was a massive feast as per usual:  My sis-in-law took care of the appetisers, bringing a load of homemade turkish dips and breads;  I did the full traditional main course with roast turkey, glazed baked ham, home baked bread, sauteed green beans & broccolini, maple glazed sweet potatoes, baby carrots and potato salad;  my other sis-in-law made two desserts:  white chocolate & strawberry cheesecake (I must get the recipe) and lemon tart.  My brother-in-law brought a fresh fruit platter.  Needless to say we all needed a nap after lunch!

It all got a bit exciting when a massive hailstorm hit late in the afternoon.  The wind was ferocious and it literally rained ice golf balls so we ended up having a white Christmas on a summer's day.  We suffered a neat little hole in the roof, courtesy of a loose roof tile falling from the second-floor roof down to the first in the midst of the storm.  My son thought it was great fun and ran outside barefoot once the storm had passed to check it all out and grab some of those hail stones- and ran back in freezing!  On a more serious note, all of our visitors' cars had been parked out in the elements and were hail damaged.  Not fun at all - It could have been much worse though.

Now onto some less than perfect pictures of my Christmas lunch mani.  In the end I settled on something to compliment my orange and red floral print summer maxi dress. I chose Tempt Me Tangerine from Australian budget brand BYS. This reminds me a lot of my favourite hot orange from Essence, Wake Up!.  It's a very bright red/orange creme and went perfectly with my outfit.  This manicure went through a lot of abuse, and these pictures were taken the day after. I'd done multiple loads of dishes, so the gloss has worn off and there's some tipwear.  You can still see the hotness of the colour though!

Both pics were taken in full sun:

What did you choose for your Christmas mani?

Until next time.

Vita :)


  1. Gorgeous colour for Christmas, perfect for summer. I ended up with a BYS mani as well which I'll have to post tomorrow.
    And geez, I saw on the news about the crazy melbourne weather last night. Hailstorms! In summer! Seriously what has the weather turned into?

  2. It was so crazy Lilit! My hubby took some footage so I might post it to share the experience.

  3. I need this colour in a lipstick! It's a perfect Summer shade as Lilit said. <3

    That hailstorm sounds AMAZING, except for the car damage! I was hoping it would rain on Christmas Day since we've been having lovely rainy days in QLD lately, but to no avail. I went out for Boxing Day sales today and the heat was unbearable :(

  4. very nice bright nail. perfect for the festive season!
    merry x'mas! been enjoying reading your nail posts. :)

  5. Happy holidays! What a bright and cheerful color- love it! :)

  6. Hope you had a merry Christmas, and that you weren't affected by those crazy storms we had!!

    That is such a gorgeous colour for summer!

  7. My Christmas nails were the same as my current NOTD post. :) This shade makes me want an orange.. to eat! haha.

    Pretty, you pull off orange well.

  8. @SilhouetteScreams - I wore my one and only Tom Ford lippy in True Coral to compliment my nails but it actually leans more to red so isn't the best match. I was thinking your MAC Morange would be a close fit :)

    @Prettymom - Thank you! Merry Xmas to you also :)

    @Saumya - Thanks :)

    @Makeup Magpie - I'm glad you like it. Thank you and all the best to you for the holidays :)

    @Gianna - Thank you and a Merry Xmas to you. We were relatively lucky as some others were more badly affected by the storm. Welcome to my blog! :)

    @Vintage Makeup - Thank you!


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