04 December, 2011

REVIEW: Products farewelled in November

Somehow I finished a mountain of products last month without really trying!  It's always satisfying to see that I do actually get to finish at least some of the things I buy.  Here's the lowdown on what I thought...

Skin care

73) The Body Shop Shiso Whitening Moisture Milk (50ml/1.69 fl.oz)
I used this daily as part of three step routine (cleanser, serum and moisturiser) in my ongoing battle with my sunspots.  Daily application of this Japanese formula moisturiser is supposed to result in "brighter, smoother, more porcelain-looking complexion..." Well, after three or so months I didn't see any deterioration in my existing pigmentation but couldn't see a huge improvement either, probably because the main cause of hyper-pigmentation is sun damage and this product doesn't contain any SPF.  What I did like was the light milky texture and how well it absorbed into my skin, leaving my skin feeling soft without being greasy.  In summary, a reasonable but not fantastic product.  It's not my HG moisturiser so I've moved on.

74) The Body Shop Shiso Whitening Serum (30ml/1.0 fl.oz)
My second bottle finished this year and I've now had the opportunity to use the full range for three months.  As with the Moisture Milk this was a reasonable but unremarkable product.  Mainly because I'm fickle and keen to try something else I won't be buying another of these in the near future. Click here for my original review.

75) Kosmea eighth natural wonder revitalising facial serum (10ml/0.33 fl.oz trial size)
I found this lurking in my samples stash so I tried it after finishing The Body Shop's serum.  Kosmea is an Australian company specialising in natural skin care.  Its products don't contain artificial colours, artificial fragrances, mineral oils, petrochemicals or animal ingredients and are not tested on animals.  The magic ingredient in this is hibiscus extract which is supposed to 'freeze' fine lines and wrinkles.  I can't say that I noticed any difference to my wrinkles (damn) but I really liked the organic rose hip oil scent and it did absorb really well.  Nice, and I love that it's natural and animal friendly but not special enough for me to purchase.  

Hand care

76) Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Creme (17g/.60 oz)
I really loved using this little tin of lemony goodness for softening my cuticles and it lasted absolutely ages, considering I used it a few times a day - probably because I found the lemon curd-like scent addictive!  This creme contains natural ingredients including sweet almond oil, lemon oil and cocoa butter.  My only peeve with this is it gets a bit difficult to get the last bits out of the tin with long(ish) nails.  I would definitely repurchase. 

77) Cutex Strengthening Nail Polish Remover (100ml)
I bought this for a few dollars at a drugstore/chemist when I was away on vacation and OPI was hard to find.  The strengthening formula includes protein and pro-Vitamin B5.  I found it removed nail polish just as effectively as my usual OPI although it's a bit more drying.  The scent was pleasant too and not too overpowering.  I would repurchase this as a budget alternative although, yes, I've gone back to my usual OPI moisturising remover.

78) OPI Drip Dry Drops (9ml/0.3 fl.oz.)
My third bottle finished up for the year.  Yes, I'm onto my fourth.  Click here for my original review.

79) OPI RapiDry Topcoat
My second bottle for the year and by adding lacquer thinner drops I managed to get about 90% of the product out of the bottle.  I've read other bloggers complaining how the formula on this becomes too thick to use when there's still about a third of the product left - with a few drops of thinner there's a lot less wastage.  Although I'm currently using Sally Hansen's Megashine I still stand by RapiDry as a great quality topcoat and I'll definitely repurchase.  See my original review here .

80) OPI Polish Remover (non-oily, moisturizing formula)
My eighth bottle for the year - no, I'm not drinking it.  I promise!!!

81) L'Occitane Vanilla Flower Hand Cream (30ml/1 oz.)
Gorgeously scented rich hand cream with the 20% Shea Butter content.  I'm a huge fan of L'Occitane products generally and their Shea Butter hand creams are my fave.  They're a bit expensive but a small tube lasts a while because of the super rich formula.  These hand creams are also great as an overnight treatment.  A definite repurchase for me.

Hair & body care

81) RPR Hold Me Gently hair mist (50ml/1.69 Fl.oz travel size)
Another vacation purchase.  My hair's very fine and straight so I spray this mist onto damp hair for soft (not crunchy) natural volume and lift.  It gives my hair a nice soft scent too.  I liked this enough to buy a full sized bottle.

82)  Palmer's Olive Butter Formula Concentrated Cream (30g/1.1 oz travel size)
I had this in my stash for a while and I finally tried it after my Palmer's Shea Butter Concentrated cream ran out a few months ago.  It's basically the same sort of product and is targeted at treating dry skin on hands, elbows, knees and feet but with certified organic extra virgin olive oil as the key ingredient.  It has the same rich formula and it also absorbs super quickly.  I prefer the scent of this to the shea butter cream so now I've bought this in the full size tube.


83) MAC Amplified Creme lipstick (Cosmo)
I've posted about this lippy before and took it away with me on vacation (see here for vacation post and swatch).  It's a perfect deep nude which goes with any look.  I love the amplified lipstick formula and these are probably my favourite lipstick line from MAC because they have great intense pigmentation, last hours on my lips without needing touching up and don't bleed at all.

84) Christian Dior Single Eyeshadow (622 Sand Beige)
Long discontinued so I won't say too much.  It sat it my stash way too long before I 'discovered' it and realised it was the perfect golden taupe for me.  I loved wearing this as a colour wash all over the lid for a simple chic daytime look.  622 you will be sadly missed from my collection :(

85) Avon Perfect Wear Long Lasting Mascara (black)
Not perfect at all! I was underwhelmed by the performance of this mascara.  It was clumpy, difficult to get good coverage on my lashes and dried out very quickly in the tube.  It only cost $3AUD but I won't be buying this again.

86) Maybelline Lash Stiletto Mascara (Very Black)
I love this little drugstore mascara and it was my staple weekday lash product.  It separates and coats each individual lash for a defined, lengthened look.  It won't be your cup of tea if you're after fattened lashes but it gives you softly long lashes due to its glossy formula.  My only complaint is the moulded plastic bristles are a little sharp and I have given myself an accidental painful prod at the base of my lashes.

If you've hung on so far, thank you!

That's all for this month's empties.

Vita :)


  1. wow you used finished an eyeshadow! i've never been able to do that! :p

  2. Out of curiosity how on earth did you finish TWO mascaras? I swear, I've never even finished one. Good on you! :) This is probably the biggest empties post I've seen!!!

  3. So sad you've used up all of the Christian Dior and MAC products :( Even worse that the CD one is discontinued!! :(

  4. @prettymom - It's definitely an old eyeshadow. I got into the habit of wearing it nearly every day during the working week because it's such an easy colour to wear on its own.

    @Vintage Makeup - I didn't actually finish the mascaras until they were empty but I tossed them for hygiene purposes as I'd been using them several months. I try and follow the 3 to 6 month toss out rule with mascara.

    @Haute_Style - I'll have to trawl around for replacement. The closest I know of is MAC's Patina, which I've also used a whole pan of!

  5. Oh my gosh, that shadow! I've never even hit pan on an eye shadow before. You're so awesome at these empties!!!

  6. @Liz - That's what happens when you get to my age, things start running out! Hehe :D

  7. Oh I so wish I could just hit pan on an eyeshadow...I have no excuse either because I am old enough that I should have!! Lol! I blame my unhealthy addiction to buying more stuff!! :(

  8. @Zoe - Trust me Zoe, when you find a shade you absolutely love for everyday wear you'll finish it!

  9. you used up so much,well done! I am lemming some L'Occitane too, they are so luxe. Lash Stiletto sounds like the mascara I'm looking for at the moment, I might pick it up thanks! I've spent the night scrolling thru your posts as I got internet hooked up, and I've decided I'm getting my nails done this week so I can show polishes as nicely as you do ;P

  10. I love L'Occitane but I try to pick it up when it's on special, or when I feel like spoiling myself! Their hand creams are super luxe and I'm hooked on the posh fragrance and rich texture. I look forward to seeing more nail polish posts from you. :)


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