13 December, 2011

Festive fingertips: Urban Decay - Hot Mess + Ziggy

Hello again,  I've been crazy busy lately so I'm lucky to have been able to sneak in two posts in the last two days.  This is just a quickie...

I finally had the opportunity to wear my new Urban Decay holiday polishes so I decided to try two at once!  Here I've applied the glass-flecked magenta pink Hot Mess as the main manicure shade with multicoloured glitter-bomb Ziggy on my ring finger as an accent.  This was the fun mani I sported to our pre-Christmas street party last weekend! 

Full sun

Outdoors shade

That's all for now.

Vita :)


  1. Love this manicure Vita! Might try & hunt down that glitter

  2. very very nice... the accent finger is so pretty! i think I have that Urban Decay polish maybe heheh can't keep track

  3. @Kristy - Thanks, I also liked how this polish was easier to remove than some other glitter polishes.

    @Polish AMOR - LOL! You're like me!!

    @Vintage Makeup - Thank you, lovely. xoxo

  4. Ciao Vita,
    I am in love with that shade of pinkish red colour... its such a pretty colour... nice for the Holiday Season. I also really like the accent finger with all the sparkles too... very pretty!!
    Have a really beautiful day Bella!!
    Hugs & Kisses,

  5. @Shelley - aww, thank you! xoxo


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