27 December, 2011

Random post: My white Christmas

Hello again

I told you all about the unprecedented summer hail storm we experienced here in Melbourne in my last post. This quick post features the video footage my hubby recorded of the 'event'.  What a rude way to interrupt our Christmas afternoon:

A view from our front door - the poor cars!

There's some pretty remarkable footage on Youtube but this is our little video.  I can look forward to a fine and hot New Years' Eve at least. 

Thanks for watching!

Vita :)


  1. YIKES! Luckily no one got hurt- that looks intense!

  2. @Haute_Style - Yeah, it was pretty amazing. Thank goodness we'd decided to have our Chrissie lunch indoors!

  3. whoa! that's some big hail o.O

  4. @Kristy - And to think we didn't get the worst of it. Missed it by one suburb!

  5. It was really bad at my place too (funny that!) the hail was massive! it ripped holes in the flyscreens at my man's house, scary stuff. our cars remain unscathed, thank goodness!

  6. @emmabovary - Oh wow! My dad lives in Bundoora and he was saying it was like listening to explosions on his roof as the stones landed!


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