24 October, 2011

REVIEW: Vacation beauty favourites

I always inevitably overpack beauty products when I travel.  It's my compulsion to be prepared for any beauty situation - the daytime look, the evening look, the 'no makeup' look, the... Well, if you're a beauty buff you'll know what I mean.  Yes, I do venture out into the world with my own natural face on show but I prefer to use a bit of subtle colour when I can, sometimes because I feel like I need a pick me up (tired anyone?) but mostly just for the fun of it!

Out of the 1 kg or so of beauty products I packed here's a mini review of the ones I used the most:


Invisible Zinc Tinted Daywear (50g) - I wore this facial moisturising sunscreen every day to protect my skin from the intense North Queensland sun.  I found I only needed a light application of this as a base because it made my skin really dewy (read 'greasy') if I was too generous! I overcame the shine problem by using this in place of  my regular moisturiser (I'd been inadvertantly moisturising twice by using the tint over my usual moisturiser - oops!) and lightly dusting my MAC powder over my T-zone.

Sportsgirl Get Cheeky Cheek & Eye Shimmer (Summer Blush) - A big shout out to Jerry from Silhouette Screams who'd commented on my blog about this blush/highlighter and got me curious -  and now hooked on it!  I loved using this multi-tasker as a blush, highlighter and an eyeshadow.  Quite honestly, I probably didn't need to pack my MAC Shroom eyeshadow because the highlight in this pan is almost a dupe!  For a swatch and a full review check out Jerry's recent post here.

MAC Select Sheer Pressed Powder (NC20) - I used this fine pressed powder to control shine without masking my face.  It's one of my beauty staples.


L'Oreal Extra-Volume Waterproof Mascara (Black) - I love wearing mascara every day and I needed something waterproof to hold up to all the swimming.  This mascara has a gigantic brush and gave me very fat, very waterproof lashes.  The formula is so budge-proof it takes a bit of effort to remove even with waterproof eyemakeup remover as I found out after I'd applied two coats to go out to dinner!

MAC eyeshadow (Shroom) - I brushed this cream satin shade alone over my lids most days for my 'natural' bright-eyed look. Fab formula, super smooth, no creasing as with all MAC shadows so it stood up to the heat with no problem. 

Maybelline Stylish Smokes palette (Charcoal Smokes) - I decided to pack this silvery grey palette instead of an expensive palette so I wouldn't be heartbroken over any breakages or crumbling shadows.  I used all the shades in the palette to create perfectly fine smoky eyes for dinner dates.  For a drugstore product this performed quite well, blending smoothly and giving enough oomph for an evening eye.

Swatched Left-Right:  
MAC Shroom,
  Maybelline Charcoal Smokes - Brow bone, lid, crease, outer corner


MAC Lipstick - Three MAC Lipsticks covered all my lipstick needs from dawn to dusk (pictured bottom left to top right)
Cosmo - warm nude creme for a natural daytime lip
Crosswires - cremesheen formula coral for a hit of colour and shine
Impassioned - Vivid, almost neon coral-pink for a summery statement lip
Essence glossy lipbalm (berry sorbet) - sugary scented, raspberry pink shimmer gloss worn alone just for fun.

Australis Mint Condition Lip Gloss (Mrs Mellonwellons Melons & Meow With Your Mind) - I wore these SPF30 glosses most days to protect and shine up my lips.  They were rich and provided medium wear without being too sticky.  Mrs Mellonwellons Melons is a richly pigmented coral, good for a flush of colour on the lips and Meow With Your Mind is a very soft shimmery peach I wore when I just wanted to be completely low-key and natural.

Lip colours swatched Left to Right:
Top Row:  MAC Cosmo, Crosswires, Impassioned
Bottom Row:  Essence Berry Sorbet,
Australis Mrs Mellonwellons Melons & Meow With Your Mind

What are your must-have vacation cosmetics?  

Do you overpack when it comes to beauty too?

  I'd love to hear from you.

Until my next post.

Vita :)


  1. I keep looking at Crosswires every time I go to MAC but have never bought it, I have no idea why! And I love those Sportsgirl shimmers, only have Rose so far but Jerry is making me want every one of them! Did you have a nice holiday? I have to wait until Feb for mine and it's killing me!
    P.S have you seen the new Essence collections? in the 'You Rock' collection there is beige shimmer that would look amaaaazing on your nails, I'm wearing it right now but it'd be better on you :) x

  2. @emmabovary - I had a perfect holiday, thank you! Always want it to be a bit longer though. I haven't seen the You Rock collection at Doncaster Target but I did pick up a couple of things from the Blossoms collection - a pretty powder compact and a forget-me-not blue polish.

  3. I have to try the Sportsgirl blushes, Jerry got me intrigued too!
    Last time I went on Holiday I packed 3 makeup bags worth of stuff, and most was in my hand luggage,I couldn't let my stuff get damaged!I don't think you can ever pack too much though, if you don't pack it there is a guarantee that you will need it :P
    Grace xx

  4. The highlight/blush looks sooooooo pretty! :)

  5. I think overpacking stuff like makeup is part of the fun of vacationing! :)

    We don't have that L'Oreal mascara here. Or is it just packaged differently? Hmmm. I'm always on the lookout for a good waterproof volumizing mascara!

  6. @Grace - Glad to hear you're on the same wavelength as me when it comes to packing! The Sportsgirl blush is pretty good for a $10 cheapie!

    @Vintage Makeup - I hope you headed to Jerry's blog to see the swatches!

    @Liz - Yay for beauty packing overload! I know that L'Oreal has the standard volumising mascara with a gold trimmed tube and this waterproof version. Good luck, I know the same products are occasionally packaged differently depending upon the country.


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