22 October, 2011

My first tape mani

 Hi!  Sorry I've been MIA for a few days but with good reason - my son's end of year school musical production and yet another interstate business trip.  I was too busy and just too tired to write anything! Anyway, onto today's post...

I've seen lots of bloggers work magic using sticky tape to dress up their mani's with absolutely amazing results.  This is my first attempt at a full tape mani using gold polish to embellish my last posted Orly Green with Envy.  I applied a single coat of Inglot's gold flakie 205 all over the nail. After this was dry I taped each nail on the diagonal and applied two coats of Zoya's antique gold Richelle on the exposed half of the nail.

Here's the result:

The gold polish is a wee bit streaky but it's not too bad for a first attempt.  What do you think?

Until next time.

Vita :)


  1. that is really creative and pretty:)the gold really pops!
    btw i tagged you to do the lipstick tag:)

  2. @Priyanka - Thanks hun xoxo. I've now got two tags to get on with, I've some serious catching up to do!

  3. Looks awesome. Esp for your first try!

  4. I think you did a good job, never tried this before :) Might give it a try too :)

    Xo, Christine♥

  5. Looks great! I need to try creative nails again. The blue-green and gold make a great combo. :)

  6. @Vintage Makeup - I have really unsteady hands so the tape makes it goof-proof!

    @Christine - Thanks. :) If I can do this, anyone can!

    @Liz - I like creative manis, but I need to have the time to do them!

  7. Love it, especially with the flakies! Great first tape mani.

  8. @ABOP - Thanks! That's a big compliment coming from you. I'm in awe of your nail art! xoxo


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